Being optimistic can make bad things look and feel a lot better. This kind of thinking may be very difficult to accept for many people; however, this is something that Leila Mulla would definitely agree with. But who is Leila Mulla? Leila Mulla became known to a lot of people because of her positive and optimistic outlook in life. She is considered by many as an inspiration due to her amazing words of wisdom and perspective in life. According to Leila Mulla, getting a life free from negativities is always impossible; however, understanding life and using the right formulations in facing these problems can be very effective in making these things affect people positively. This may be very difficult for a lot of individuals, but this is actually easy for Leila Mulla.

Leila Mulla also considers life as a gift that must be celebrated every day. She is a firm believer of the saying that the best things in life is for free. According to her, life many be filled with problems that are mostly related to money matters; however, she still believes that humans are lucky since the surrounding air is still free to breathe in. She enjoys looking at sunsets and other wonderful gifts of nature that don’t come with expensive price tags. Leila Mulla also emphasized that these things are mostly forgotten or taken for granted by people because they are consumed with matters and other negative situations that life entails. For Leila, this is something that can flush the esteem and the positive attitude down the drain.

Leila also believes that keeping a positive outlook in life will also help prevent people from attracting the evils in the world. She supports that being positive will ensure that the mind is only focused on things that are important and relevant such as family and friends. It will also help people focus on their respective roles in order to bring something good to the table. This will also help individuals become grateful of all the opportunities that are given or provided to them.

Nowadays, Leila Mulla is an assistant to wedding planners. This is actually a job that is very stressful since it requires deadlines and important details, but for Leila Mulla, this is also an occasion of happiness, which must be celebrated and commemorated. With the kind of perspective that Leila Mulla has, it is indeed possible to live a life that is worry-free and filled with happiness. These are just some of the highlight about Leila Mulla’s philosophy and outlook in life. No other person can be as optimistic as this inspiring woman.

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Jennifer Cox considers the importance of life coaching for positive thinking when it comes to her daily life. She believes that it is a necessary step in order to promote personal improvements through positive thinking. She currently has a good partnership with renowned life coach Leila Mulla for her own positive thinking sessions.