The scriptures contain many promises that we can include in both our prayers for children and our daily confessions for our families. Children are a gift from God, and as parents we want to do the best we can to instill in them the values and character traits they need to become caring, responsible adults. No matter how old they are, we always want what is best for them, but parenting can sometimes be a difficult job, and the most successful parents are those who pray for their children and ask God for His guidance and help. The words we speak to, and about, our children are powerful, and it is important that we confess good things so that they will be safe, healthy, make wise choices, and follow God throughout their lives.

  1. Confession for Protection and Safety.

    Our number one concern is usually for our children's safety. We live in a dangerous world and there can be so many reasons to fear. We can be concerned about violence, car accidents, bad influences, or unsafe environments. But, the scriptures give us many promises for safety and confessing these words is a way of asking God to help protect our children from harm.

    A daily confession could be something as simple as: “Thank you God for your promises of protection and for keeping our children safe in all their ways – that when they face dangerous situations or pass through trials You will be there with them and they will not suffer harm or physical injury. Thank you for hiding them in the shadow of Your wings, that they dwell in safety, and that no weapon formed against them will prosper."

  2. Confession for Health or Healing.

    As parents, we want our children to be healthy and strong, and when we see them hurting or suffering we want to do everything we can to help them. The Bible contains many passages that we can use to confess health and healing for our children's lives.

    A daily prayer confession could include: “The Scriptures say that health is a promise and an inheritance for those who love and serve the Lord, and we thank You for taking sickness far away from our children, for restoring health to them, healing their wounds, and delivering them from destruction. We pray that they will not become depressed or discouraged, that they will be in good health, that Your Word will bring strength to their bones, and that all will go well with them."

  3. Confessions for Wise Choices and Good Friends.

    We want our children to choose their friends wisely and to socialize with people who share their values and will not encourage them to become involved in wrong or dangerous situations. We desire for them to be confident in who they are and to make choices based on what they know is right rather than from insecurity or a need for acceptance. Everyday, we can pray for our children, their friends, and anyone else who may have an influence on their lives.

    A prayer confession example could be: “We pray that our children will be wise when choosing their friends. Thank you, God, for giving them self-esteem and confidence, that they will not do something just because the crowd is doing it and that they will not let peer pressure dictate their decisions. We ask that You send good examples into their lives and that they will find great friends who want to honor You and do what is right. We pray that our children will not associate with those people who want to bring them to calamity or ruin, but that they will hunger and thirst for righteousness."

  4. School Confessions.

    Every parent wants their children to do well in school, both academically and socially, and we don't like to see them struggle or develop low self-esteem. What our children experience in school establishes a foundation for the future, so it is important that we pray daily for wisdom, understanding, and a desire to learn.

    A confession could be as simple as: “The Scriptures say that fools despise wisdom and instruction so we pray that our children will not be fools, but that they will learn, that they will be teachable, and that You will give them the ability to understand what is being taught. Help bring to their memory what they have studied so that they will gain wisdom and increase in learning. Give them the grace and ability to do what is right so when they face temptations such as drugs or alcohol, they will have the strength to say no and the desire to please God."

  5. Confession for our Children to Know and Follow God.

    One of our most important jobs as parents is to teach our children to love and honor God and to follow His ways throughout their lives. We want them to be comfortable with praying and we desire for them to believe the Bible and to use the Scriptures for guidance and direction.

    Everyday, we can pray for our children and confess: “We pray that our children will follow God in every area of their lives, that they will believe in His goodness, grow in His knowledge, and be an example to those around them. We know that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, so we pray that our children will have a respect and honor for God, that they will stay strong in what they believe, will not waver or be unstable, and that they will avoid evil or wrong doing. When hard times come, we pray that they will turn towards God instead of turning away, that they will walk in truth, and that they will have a desire to read and learn the scriptures. Most of all, we pray that their life will reflect the character of God – that they will always be people who show love, compassion, generosity, dependability, and integrity."

    The gift of parenting is one of the greatest honors and responsibilities we can be given, and we know that it is not something we can do alone, but that we must ask for the guidance and wisdom of God. Saying prayers for children and confessing the promises given in the scriptures is one thing parents can do to make sure that their families are healthy, happy, and safe.

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