We live in very challenging times and need to find ways to help us stay centered. The best practice is to go deeper within oneself by talking with God. Prayer is a simple communication with God. The best prayer is the practice of gratitude. The more gratitude we are able to feel, the better our lives become. Remember, to give thanks every day for all the gifts and challenges that come your way.

Here are a couple of prayers that are helpful upon arising in the morning and before going to bed at night. Make it a daily practice to pray these prayers every day for 30 days, and watch your world change for the better.

Morning Prayer

Dear God,
I give thanks for this day and for your presence in my life. I feel you within me and within all living things as I embrace this day. Please help me to remain a clear vessel of your love and free from distractions and judgments. I ask to connect with you and feel you as my Source. Please place a radiant white light around me throughout the day. I ask that only good may come to me and from me on this day.

• I am most grateful for my health and for _____ (name something that you have recently accomplished such as… losing weight, lowering your blood pressure, exercising regularly, letting go, forgiving someone of your past, etc.).
• I give thanks for my home and my surroundings. (Name whatever it is that you are grateful for in your home and environment.)
• I give thanks for ______ and I am most grateful for _____.
(Name your loved ones, one by one and something significant about that person(s).
• I am grateful for all that sustains me, and my ability to share my blessings with others.
• I give thanks for this land, and for ____ (name something about the area in which you reside. It may be a special tree which is native to your area, or a body of water, or native people of your region.)
• I give thanks for my ancestors. May I always remember those who have walked this earth before me.
• I ask for my loved ones to be surrounded in your love and light. (Name each person you wish to be blessed with God’s love, individually, and see this person surrounded in a beautiful white light. Then ask that only good come to that person and from that person on this day. When you think of each person, see this light coming to this person and filling him/her up with God’s presence.)
• I am grateful for all the many blessings in my life.

Think about the day ahead of you. What do you want to create with this day? Focus on that which you want to unfold. For example, if you have an important meeting, think about the outcome that would be most beneficial to all concerned and visualize it happening. Think about any challenges that you may encounter, and see a positive outcome for all concerned parties.

Thank you God for all that is. Thank you for your presence in my life. I give thanks for this day and may I always remember to focus on your love and light.

And so it is.

Evening Prayer

Take a few moments before falling asleep, to reflect upon your day. Take a few deep breaths and release any agitation you may have picked up during the day. Just breathe for a few moments and let go of any challenges of the day so that you do not bring it into your dreamtime. Focus on it, and release it by letting go.

It is now time for you to rejuvenate your body, mind, and sprit. Take a few moments to ponder your day. If you are in a supportive relationship, you may want to share this with your significant other. If not, you can commune with God on your own.

Dear God,
Thank you for this day. I am most grateful for:
• _____. Think about the blessings of your day. You can include anything that was significant to you. (Maybe it was a phone call from an old friend, a friendly sales person, a considerate driver, a check in the mail, or so forth.)
• _____. Name your loved one(s) and something significant that happened in relationship to that person(s).
• the blessings of_____ Name your employer or yourself, and name something beneficial that happened relative to your work or means in which you support yourself.
• my health. Reflect upon your day and something or several things you did that were healthy. (Maybe you went for a long walk, spent time alone in nature, shared a healthy meal with a friend, or felt exuberant laughter.)
• my home. Give thanks for the place in which you reside, for keeping you warm and comforted.

Now, once again, take a few moments to reflect upon your day. If there is still pain or discomfort, ask God for help by focusing on the situation:

Dear God,
Help me to release ____(name the situation). I am having a difficult time and want to be free of the negativity this experience has caused me. Please help me to be free, so that I may sleep peacefully.

Think or speak about the challenge(s) and find a way to give thanks for the experience.
• Even if it is painful, there must be something that your soul needed to experience to have attracted it into your life.
• Even if it was unjust, see if you can shift the experience so that you can find the blessing in it.
• If it is way too painful, just find a way to make peace with yourself, so that you may get a good night sleep. Some things are better left undone and only need to be experienced and released.
• If it is something that continues to draw your attention, take the time to reflect back upon it, and look at what you may do differently to have you and/or your loved ones have a more positive experience the next time.

Before falling asleep, allow your mind to drift into the many blessings in your life. Place your focus upon the positive experiences of the day. Reflect upon all the things that you are grateful for, and allow it to become a song or a chant that takes you into your dreamtime.

Dear God,
I am most grateful for…..

May you always know that you are loved.
May you always remember just how precious this life is.
May you receive all the blessings that you richly deserve.
God Bless You today, tomorrow, and always.
Good night!!

Practice your daily prayers and change your life forever. If you make a practice out of your daily prayers, you will be amazed with the positive changes in your life. Be gentle with your spirit and find the true gift of prayerful living.

Author's Bio: 

Kellyna Kaleolani Campbell is an internationally known workshop leader who has been seen on cable TV with “Positive Living TV” and has been heard across the country on AM talk radio and FM conscious living radio shows. She has worked with teenagers as a sponsor for Unity Church, mentored teens through a Colorado based program, “Let’s Go Live”, and has taught personal growth courses at Sonoma State University and Questa College. Her education includes UCSC (BS), Naropa Institute, International Breath Institute (CBF), California College of Physical Arts (CMT) and Colorado Cranial Institute (CCT). She has committed her life to the path of healing through study and practice. As an intuitive healer with a beautiful heart, Kellyna encourages people to look within themselves to discover their soul’s purpose. Contact information- www.prayerbookforwomen.com