Predicted 100′s of Years Ago

Even though energy medicine predates standard allopathic medicine, it has not been
able to break into the mainstream of America. Energy medicine has been mainstream
in other countries of the world for decades. This all started with Albert Einstein.

Examples are:

All Matter is Energy!
Albert Einstein

Future Medicine will be based on controlling energy in the body!
Professor William Tiller – Stanford

The energy field starts it all!
Professor Harold Burr, PhD, Yale University

Body Chemistry is governed by Quantum cellular fields!
Professor Murray Gell Mann, Nobel Prize Laureate, Stanford

Diseases are to be diagnosed and prevented by energy field assessment!
George Crile, Sr. M.D. Founder of the famous Cleveland Clinic

Treating humans without the concept of energy is treating dead matter!
Albert Szent-Gyorgi, M.D. Nobel Prize Laureate, Hungary

The latest pioneer is Dr. Oz, who in 2007 stated that Energy
Medicine is the “Last big frontier in medicine”.

All of the modalities I use and teach my clients have been occurring and building
like a tidal wave for about 3 decades now. I believe it is about ready to crest. The significance of this is not small – it is treating issues at their source vs. suppressing symptoms.

Watch, the TV, and books. If you are not receiving or learning how to balance your own energies. I can guarantee you will suffer more then people who are receiving treatments and balancing themselves.

I have clients that want me to do it all for them and that is ok. Sometimes you need someone to show you how and make it easier. Some people just don’t feel they have the time daily to spend an hour balancing themselves.
That’s ok also. Either way energy medicine is here to stay. Enjoy the benefits of feeling better, and better health…Even if insurance doesn’t pay for it. One day they will.

I have seen many people suffer greatly as well as die an early death because they wouldn’t do anything EXCEPT what their doctor’s told them and what was covered by insurance. What a scary place to be. I have been in this place before. I don’t do being sick well anymore. If I don’t feel good I keep looking and finding the answers to heal my health. This means I have lots of answers for you that work…guaranteed. I have eliminated so much of the work for you. So your healing journey will be shorter and faster then my healing journey. I look forward in seeing how fast we can get you back to health and keeping you that way.

Author's Bio: 

Gina M. Green
Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified BARS facilitator, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Certified Harmonyum Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, and Author

Gina Green specializes in hard to heal health challenges, and stress elimination. With 22 years of teaching and energy work experience she has something for everyone. From the skeptical to the energy junky she easily assist them in reaching their health goals. Scientific research has finally caught up with energy healing and has prove its effectiveness. Gina travels extensively to bring many of the newest healing modalities to the Omaha area. Gina brought BodyTalk to Omaha more than a decade ago, Harmonyum 4 years ago, and BARS just last year. Gina has been teaching people how to self heal with E.F. T. and the YES technique for ten years. Gina is glad to share what she has learned on her healing journey with you in person and in her newest book, "Think and Grow Healthy".