May 30, 2012 6:24 am I woke instantly. A Powerful Message:

I was on a road, in my vehicle a van, I stopped driving it because there was some big trash in the road, looked like an old beach umbrella, and it was black and retched. This was partially under my front left tire, I drove partially over it, so I put the van in park and took it out from under the tire. There was a small area with a trash can about 8 steps away so I put it beside the trash can, because the old umbrella, what was left of it, would not fit inside the can.

I looked up and ahead up the road, I saw some people further up on the road maybe 15 – 20 people. I got in my van and drove a bit towards them, then pulled over on the right side of the road and got out.

I looked up and saw a triangle shaped flying object, it was right over us and moving quickly to the west of us, this triangle flying looked like a simple hang glider, not made of metal for what I could see. I didn’t see a person inside it, I saw it the size of a hang glider, it didn’t seem unusual, until I had a weird feeling..I looked back behind me at some of the people, three of them had suits of orange and red material, like a pilot or person jumping from a plane outfit, and they were in their late 20s to 30's years of age. There was this large black metal screen like structure just further up the road, it was also west of where I was currently standing, it looked like a large monkey bars that was sort of metal netted at the top, where the sky is, you could see through very easily. Two of these people with these jumping suits on, jumped up words the metal bars, these two people were about thirty feet from the bar set up, and jumped up and towards it and on purpose hit the top of the screen like structure as if they were going to try to fly higher. At this time I was thinking, what is this?

After I looked at the two people stuck on the ceiling of the black metal net thing, I knew that was not unusual to them, they were testing these suits or something about them. I was thinking okay maybe this is some “camp” to learn this stuff.

I walked up the road a bit more (east) and as I looked at the other 15 or so people that were standing there, I looked up in the light blue sky, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky - but not that far up, but a good one hundred feet high, I saw that one triangle material like hang glider going south, I turned my head back to where the people were standing they too were looking up at the glider and knew something was not right, I quickly looked west for the glider and saw a huge grey cloud from the ground moving fast towards all of us. I froze for a moment from fear, until I realized, I should run, as everyone scurried and ran north, I too turned to run with them. I knew it was too late - in my mind I knew, those people and I are not going to outrun that cloud. It looked like a ground bomb that would wipe out cities. “I said God please help me “and purposely took a long breath of my last fresh air, that was my last thought, I wanted to "Breathe Fresh Air” before I could do that, I knew the cloud was on me, it was within a second or less. My body felt a heat like sensation, but before I could feel if I was getting completely warm or anything, I was instantaneously looking at a place that looked similar to a gorgeous starry night. I woke instantly before anything or any feeling could happen I was in that “place” only to get a glimpse. I didn’t see land or planets, just the darkest deep blue sky with star like sparkles in it, I would say it was exactly a starry night. As soon as I saw the starry night place, I did not feel like I had a Body - as that occurred, it was a millisecond of me being in one place to another. At that millisecond I heard a sound very clear- it was a zip sound - very short, extremely powerful. I felt it was the sound of transference. Similar to a sound you would hear on a space movie. I will never forget that sound. It was original to my ears.
I had never, ever had a dream so real. The sensations my body had at the ending is so hard to describe. It was like no other experience I have ever had in my life. This was a dream like no other.

I feel that, now as I am reviewing the details, the triangle glider was flying over low, from east to west could’ve been the vehicle that dropped this catastrophic bomb. The glider did not look threatening - I feel quite possibly this was sent to this location, as an “un-noticeable”, that being no-one would question its being where it was, but it was intentional.

I always note: I did not watch TV before I slept or read anything.

To me this dream and “experience’ was shown to me, so that I can feel the energies of transference, from a human to being just my true soul, without my human casing. I t was definably an experience of crossing over into a place unknown. It could be another dimension. I guess when it’s my time I will know and “experience” more. Until then, I live happy and doing as much as I can!

Jolie DeMarco clairvoyant, “Messenger of the Light”. If some of you aren’t familiar with me, I channel messages. I have many that “explain” things that we as “humans” need to be informed, to adapt and heal.”

Author's Bio: 

Jolie has written several poems,short stories,funny songs since she was age 8, her personal journals are humorous to say the least. As a child Jolie was "special" afraid of the dark, "things in her closet and room, that were not of this realm." She aspired to be a geologist at this young age and made jewelry from stones she polished in a rock tumbler. Her favorite stone was "tigers eye."(used for protection)
As she grew older she still got "visitors", but didn't understand how or what they wanted. After college Jolie knew it was a blessing to "listen" to the "visitors," and was self taught clairvoyant abilities. Today Jolie fully understands how to use her abilities and teaches workshops on how to use these special abilities. Jolie feels she serves others with her gift of hearing messages from Archangels, spirits and higher knowledge. Jolie is a Messenger of the Light.