Whether or not to use email marketing can be a challenging decision for a website owner. Understanding this marketing venue itself is not nearly as difficult as determining whether or not it is right for one's business. This is because there is a broad range of factors to which thought must be given before a merchant moves forward with this type of marketing.

Target Markets and the Internet

Business owners must consider the target audience they hope to reach with the particular product or service they are attempting to sell. If this market consists primarily of individuals who are Internet savvy and understand that they are receiving the correspondence because they opted in to the merchant's list, it will probably be a cost-effective advertising method for the owner of the site.

However, if the Internet entrepreneur is aware of the fact that his or her target market belongs to a demographic group who are not proficient with email or conducting web searches, then email marketing may not be an appropriate avenue through which to acquire new customers. This is just one example of the many aspects a person must consider prior to making a final decision on this matter.

The Potential Impact of an Email Campaign

Marketers should then consider the goods and services they offer to determine whether or not an effective message can be created in email format. To make this decision, one must give thought to how easy or difficult it will be to explain his or her product via email. If the latter is unlikely to be understood by the recipients, it will do little or no good to spend money on this type of advertising. It is essential to avoid confusing one's customers, as this will quickly stifle any interest they may have had in his or her service or product.

Final Considerations

Finally, all responsible Internet marketers will devote an appropriate amount of time to ensuring their materials and newsletters will not be regarded as spam. This is an essential step because prospective clients who think they have received spam are not likely to read even one word of the correspondence. Additionally, they may place the marketer on their blacklist if they do not realize that the information is being sent because they previously agreed to opt in to the merchant's mailing list.

To prevent this scenario from occurring, the website owner should avoid putting typical sales pitch terminology on the subject line, such as entitling the newsletter an “amazing discovery” or a “secret cure the doctors don't want you to know about.” Most individuals have learned to disregard such phrases over the years. Internet marketers should instead use terms that simply indicate the email contains information the customer requested.

If the merchant sells or promotes diet pills, multilevel marketing programs, or other items that are likely to be instantly regarded as spam, an email campaign may not be a cost-effective advertising technique. All merchants must weigh the pros and cons of this marketing venue and determine if it offers enough potential to ultimately make it worthwhile.

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