“Great for Pain, Anti-inflammatory, Antibacterial… and Much More”

Scarlet Bush or Hamelia patens also known as Mexican Fire Plant, Humming Bird Bush, Polly Red Head, Fire Bush, Texas Firecracker, has been used around the world for its many healing qualities… and it’s very safe to use. It’s a common garden plant with a dome of red flowers that looks wonderful in a garden. The traditional use for indigenous tribes was to chew on one of the leaves to lower body temperature on hot days. And scarlet bush is related to cat’s claw another herbal agent. And scarlet bush is a member of the coffee family and the Mayan Native Americans called scarlet bush—- “guardian of the forest” because of all its wonderful healing qualities.

Where it Grows - Scarlet Bush grows as a woody bush in the US in Florida, Texas, California, Southern Oregon, and other warm states. It also grows in South America, Brazil, Mexico, India, Philippines, and in the West Indies. And can grow in any moderate to warm climate… and does well even with lots of humidity. And it’s a common garden plant with beautiful red flowers and berries and grows to be 3 to 5 feet tall.

Powerful Internal Anti-inflammatory Agent - Taken internally scarlet bush works well for redness, tenderness, pain, swelling, and any type of inflammation. Thus it works great for arthritis, joint pain, and swelling.

Topical Anti-inflammatory Agent - Scarlet bush used as a topical agent works great for rashes, tenderness, stings, bites, bruises, muscle aches, sprains, irritated skin, wounds, burns, fungal infections, foot sores, and other skin sores. And sometimes crushed scarlet bush leaves and aloe can be used together for treating foot sores.

Lowers Fevers - Drinking one or two cups of the tea daily lowers fevers.

Very Useful Antibacterial and Antifungal Agent - Topically scarlet bush works well for cuts, wounds, fungal infections, and burns. Used to make a cream or an ointment scarlet bush is astringent and kills bacteria and fungi. And incisions dampened with a cotton ball soaked in scarlet bush tea heal much faster.

Heals Headaches and Migraines - Taken internally scarlet bush tea works well for headaches and migraines and also works great for cramps associated with PMS.

Prevents Sunstroke - Taken internally scarlet bush tea works great for lowering fevers and body temperature in general. Making this wonderful herb very important for preventing sunstroke.

Immune System Booster - Scarlet bush contains lots of powerful antioxidants and flavonoids that boost up the immune system.

Wonderful Diuretic - Scarlet bush is also a good diuretic and thus helps to get rid of edema and excessive water retention.

Great for Diarrhea - Scarlet bush tea works well for healing diarrhea.

Helps the Brain - Scarlet bush contains agents that work with brain neurotransmitters that can help with obesity, depression, chronic pain, anxiety, and eating disorders.

The Fruits are Edible - Make Wine and Syrup - Scarlet bush berries when they finally turn black can be used to make wine and syrup and they are edible in general.

Helps with Cancer - Scarlet bush tea has also been used to treat cancer because it does contain lots of powerful antioxidants that help to prevent cancer and helps to slow the growth of tumors. And the roots made into a tea are important for treating cervix adenocarcinoma.

Contains lots of Antioxidants - Scarlet bush also contains a lot of antioxidants such as apegenin, flavanones, palmarine, rutin, rosmarinic acid, rumerine, pteropodine, sensciophylline, and other agents. And it also contains a very small amount of ephedrine but very little compared to other plants. I know ephedrine has had a lot of bad press but in very small amounts as in this tea, it does not cause any challenges. In fact, scarlet bush tea contains less than 0.05 % of ephedrine which is close to nothing.

Parts Used - The roots, stems, and the leaves.

Making Tea - Take 2 handfuls of fresh or dried leaves and stems and add them to 2 gallons of water and boil for 10 minutes and let cool. This tea can also be used topically for skin problems. And internally one cup of the infusion once or twice a day can be taken… or as recommended by your herbalist.

Finding - I have not found this tea for sale anywhere but the plants can be found for sale on Amazon and eBay. Personally, I feel this herbal plant is underutilized and needs to be used more often. Grow your own… scarlet bush will grow in zones 8 to 11 and the roots will survive in zone 8 through the winter.

No Side Effects - No side effects if used in moderation. But as always those who are pregnant, nursing, and small children should not use scarlet bush.

Look around your garden you might have scarlet bush growing at home.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist

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