There are light, gray clouds in the sky (that really effect the soul.)
They are not really clouds at all, but dark forces with an evil goal!

Such awful covering over the blue sky binds those with PTSD, too.
One cannot reach the coat of joyfulness while grayness dampens through.

The news media focuses on negative events that they skew.
Many such reporters, quite frankly, do not have credence, or a clue.

This is so wide spread in throughout the world, yet people do not see.
Such are too tired, stressed, and busy to worry what the future might be.

We are sitting on a teeter-totter of life’s dictates to earn a living.
There is not anyone climbing up the other seat to balance through giving.

Our biological functions take precedence of needing to prepare meals.
Through lack of time to prepare healthy foods, we get fast food deals.

We become addicted to caffeine, sugars, starchy foods for on the go.
No thought goes into what this does to the body battled by hidden GMO.

If it was only made completely obvious, without thought, life could bloom.
People are comfortable without thinking outside circumstances of gloom.

They start to rely on voices that speak the loudest, and easiest to convey.
It is the opposite of listening to our conscience’s soft voice while we pray.

A higher thinker (with spiritual intent) is avoided, and not listened to.
That spirit of busyness proclaims there is only time for the day to get through.

If we took a chance, that this precept just may not be correct, we could give.
Making time for those around us, relatives or not, makes more time to live.

This element of measure should not be wasted on worldly affairs either.
Performing self-less acts of kindness for others will give us, also, a breather.

The most needed expense of time is for prayer, and worship of some kind.
Listening to what Jesus has to say in contemplation will cleanse the mind.

Those of us whose mind has been full of trauma can let loose in this way.
The PTSD tormentors of anger, fear, and regrets will no longer be able to stay.

It is important to know that this may not happen right away without practice.
Getting to know Jesus Christ through His holy Word wards off much malice.

Becoming familiar with scripture (through care) will wear away gray clouds, too.
By forgiving others, and self, with positive intent will make the sky again blue!

These positive steps forward actually starve evil spirits away, you see.
These spirits feed on our negative emotions, while opening doors to PTSD.

Get out of the habit of turning the television on for pleasure, or distraction.
Be prepared with good intentions, because the family will have a bad reaction.

After all, you will be taking away their island retreat from the spirit of busyness.
This is a battle of the mind we need to fight, so that our humanity does not regress.

Author's Bio: 

I use Kundalini/Reiki or Qigong universal energy to help people heal from just about any illness/injury. As a twice survivor of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) I share my healing of negative emotions in rhyme inspired from the Divine (Jesus is mine!) In all cases, it depends on how long the person has been suffering (and their willingness to move forward) as to how many 'sessions' it will take for them to heal. Sometimes only one session will do it! I combine my own gifts to help others heal, but using Universal Energy is considered a 'science' to open up blocked energy channels/chakras to promote restoration of health. I can do hands on energy healing, or even send the energy anywhere in the world where the person in need is connected to their own healing process (but I always include the Lord Jesus as my Master to do the healing.) It works! Even my church Minister allowed the energy I used with him to heal from the last stages of Cancer. Praise God! Call me or email me for an appointment at: Peace, Risa Ruse