A new urban trend has now started gripping the ladies from all walks of life – housewives to professionals to self employed business women. This trend is that of kitty parties. From gossiping to enjoying theme based meals, ladies are cooking up new and innovative Kitty party ideas to spice up their get together. After all, these parties have now become a benchmark through which their social mobility and status is measured in the society.
Themes For Kitty Parties
Apart from being an all- out gossip session, these parties are a great place to escape from the daily routine life for some great entertainment. In fact, new and innovative Kitty party ideas for games are now being rolled in by the ladies to make their sojourn more entertaining and different. Some games that you can suggest in your next kitty are as follows:
• Handbag Bingo: Similar to normal bingo, this is a fun game that can be played by all age groups. In this, the bingo cards are filled with the names of the different items available in their purse. The same is also done on several paper slips which are then placed in a bowl. These are then drawn on a random basis and the player who gives the first bingo call, wins.
• Memory game: Another increasingly popular game fast gripping the ladies of all ages is the memory game. In this, the participants are first shown a tray with about 40 to 50 items placed on it for about thirty seconds. After this, the tray is hidden and they are then required to write as many things they can remember from the tray in under one minute. The member getting maximum number of names wins the game.
• Tambola with a twist: This is a regular tambola game with a twist. The difference lies in the numbers. According to a pre set mathematical function, each number is for example added with 2 to get the number that has to be cut on the slip. This way, 4 becomes 6, 46 becomes 46 and the last number 90 becomes single number 2.
• Bouncy Balloons: This is a hilarious game that helps in breaking ice between new members and also builds a fun atmosphere in the party. Each lady is given a balloon that she needs to inflate and pass it to the lady sitting on her right. After the passing around has been done, each lady has to burst the balloon by sitting on it. The one who does first, wins.
The games and the Kitty party ideas can be modified as per the number and the type of ladies involved. The basic idea is to provide a fun atmosphere where each and every one of them can have fun and maximum entertainment. So go out and have the fun you are entitled to ladies...

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As the times are evolving, change the way you enjoy yourkitty party by incorporating new ideas and adding these fun Kitty party ideas to your monthly sojourn.