How do you find the most suitable candidate for a job as soon as possible? In this blog we give you four proven and practical tips that you can more quickly find the right candidate and a perfect match for your job.

Tip # 1 Be proactive and keep in touch
The ideal candidate is not looking for a job. He's just good at work and the good sense to be with his current employer. But who is actually the ideal candidate? Where can you find him? Have a connection with him? The war for talent is important that you all early charting promising candidates get to know them and ensure that you are top of mind with them. As the perfect vacancy arises, it is only a matter of approaching and persuading.

Do not wait to seek the candidate until you've been in the job. A good CRM recruitment system provides appropriate tools to put 'stocks' of potential talent. Create homogeneous talent pools (eg. Professionals, Starters, IT, Sales, Purchasing) to potential candidates. If your talents are identified, it is important they bind you. Keep in touch with them in infinite ways: a card, a phone call, interesting information, blogs, invited to events and knowledge sessions. This positioning you as an office and you are always top-of-mind.

Tip # 2 Set useful tools in
A nice tool to maintain focused contact's e-mail software you can connect to your database. This allows you to very different audiences targeted mail about their interest. With these tools you can track whether a candidate is involved in your organization. How often he opens mails, which he never opens the web pages he looks, when he looks at jobs? Thanks to all this information you can always create more customized your content for a candidate. So, now you can advertise free jobs and find your potential candidates, be top-of-mind and match relevant information you have available about the candidate.

Tip # 3 Be creative and original
Maybe it's obvious, but how often we fall out of routine thinking. Competition is fierce, especially now that continues to attract labor. It is therefore important that you reach your candidate as a service a unique way, for the employment of knows and buoys. There are many original ways to reach your potential candidates creatively and effectively.

Tip # 4 Be technologically innovative
Want faster and higher quality match? It is necessary to work with recruitment technology that meets the latest standards or simply advertise a job online. The more innovative the technology you choose, easily you can compete with others. It is important that your search engine can search for semantically in a candidate database. This gives results consistent with what you are actually looking for, rather than what you type.

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Misty Jhones