We, as humans have always been curious about things. We always wanted to be the master of our destiny and control things in a way that is beneficial to us. We have always possessed an unsatisfied facet of our nature, for finding out about what has always remained unknown to us. Oblivion never suited our appetite of knowledge.
One thing which caught our fantasy ever since we were able to evaluate things and situations in our life, is the possibility of knowing what lies ahead in future, all bundled up for us, lurking in the depths of time.

Although we cannot control things the way we want, but our future can be predicted through Astronomy. Astronomy is the science that deals with predicting our future through our stars. The particular time and positioning of stars when we were born determine our sun sign. Our future or Rashi Bhavishya can be predicted through our Star Sign or Rashi positioning.

Our Rashi Bhavishya acquaints us with what lies in our future. Our Rashi Bhavishya alerts us so that we can take the best course of action in dealing with whatever negative we might have in our future. We can act accordingly so that we are not badly affected; or if everything is positive, we have a good opportunity of getting the maximum out of the favorable circumstances.

Rashi Bhavishya knowledge is easily available online. You can search for your star sign and instantly know that how the coming phase in your life will be. Rashi Bhavishya predictions are generally available on a daily, quarterly, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Rashi Bhavishya generally aims at prediction about the twelve Sun Signs, which are-

A. Aries – Born between March 21 to April 20
B. Taurus - Born between April 21 to May 21
C. Gemini - Born between May 22 to June 21
D. Cancer - Born between June 22 to July 23
E. Leo - Born between July 24 to August 23
F. Virgo - Born between August 24 to September 23
G. Libra - Born between September 24 to October 23
H. Scorpio - Born between October 24 to November 24
I. Sagittarius - Born between November 23 to December 21
J. Capricorn – Born between December 22 and January 19
K. Aquarius - Born between January 21 to February 19
L. Pisces - Born between February 20 to March 20

According to the astronomical science and our Rashi Bhavishya, we are placed under one of these stars signs and these star signs are connected to a particular Planet. Every Sun Sign has different character traits. Knowing your Rashi Bhavishya is always advantageous.

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