The road to disease can be altered, and incubation cycles disrupted, simply by consuming living foods (uncooked, non-pasteurized, minimally processed, live-enzyme containing fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds) and green foods. In fact, green foods alone have the capability of reversing the trend toward disease. The power of the nutrients in deep green leafy vegetables to heal and rejuvenate a body is unmatched by any combination of synthetic medicines or supplements.

Green foods contain chlorophyll, the green pigment found in plants. The oxygen we breathe comes from the chlorophyll in plants. Chlorophyll is identical to human blood with one exception: the center element in chlorophyll is magnesium, whereas the center element in blood is iron. Some researchers claim that chlorophyll has the ability to release magnesium from its center and absorb iron, and thus become hemoglobin. Chlorophyll literally becomes human blood. More blood means our body has more ability to disburse oxygen!

Chlorophyll also releases carbon dioxide, which helps prevent disease incubation. Green foods take carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, the toxic byproducts of our breathing in heat and pollution, and convert them into oxygen. So it's a simple equation: green foods = oxygen = the most powerful tool we have for disease prevention and recovery.

Additionally, live green foods have enzymes that aide digestion. Enzymes rejuvenate and are responsible for virtually every chemical reaction at the cellular level .

When we increase our food's digestibility, we increase the speed with which it is eliminated from our bodies, which, in turn, helps eliminate illness. Here's why: as undigested food goes through the intestinal system, it turns to waste, attaches itself to the intestinal wall, and becomes toxic. Toxic waste is slow-acting poison to the human body. When we start eating live green foods, with their rich digestive as well as antioxidant enzymes, those toxins that have built up over the years begin to slough off and evacuate. Once they're voided, the foods we subsequently eat will be fully digested and eliminated.

Besides digestive enzymes, green foods also contain potassium and cell salts, which encourage the normal elimination process. Potassium causes the bowel to contract, while sodium causes it to expand. Aha! Eating green food abundant in potassium and cell salts will cause your intestines to contract and expand, which will gently squeeze the bowel material downwards and the result is daily, easy elimination.

Finally, over-acidity, a rampant problem in America, can be corrected with live green food. Deep green leafy vegetables have the ability to alkalize the body, a major factor in wellness.

Add up the benefits. Green foods have enzymes and nutrients to: benefit digestion, increase alkalinity, maximize oxygenation, and increase cell viability, thereby promoting healthy functioning of major body systems. So, eat your spinach. Nibble on your broccoli. Chomp on your celery and enjoy your kale and lettuce and leaks and scallions. And with every bite, remember: you're taking a giant step toward protecting yourself against cancer, heart disease, emphysema, diverticulitis, adult-onset diabetes, and many other health problems. Green foods are the best, easiest and most natural choice we can make in our efforts to promote health and wellness.

Author's Bio: 

Carol Winkfield, PhD is a researcher in the areas of spirituality and natural health. She is a spiritual teacher, mentor and coach, an Ordained Interfaith Minister with a Doctorate in Natural health. She is a Board Certified Holistic Health Professional and Consultant and member of the American Holistic Health Association.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering Technology from Cleveland State University, in Cleveland Ohio; holds a Masters Degree and a PhD in Natural Health from Clayton College of Natural Health in Birmingham AL Carol is a Practical Nurse licensed by the state of Ohio; she holds Certification in Usui Tibetan System of Reiki; a Diploma in Advanced Spiritual Studies from Unity School of Religious Studies in Unity Village, MO; and is a graduate and ordained Minister from All Faiths Seminary in New York, NY.

Carol is Spiritual Leaderof the New Thought Congregation, New Light Temple Ministry in Dayton, Ohio. Dr. Caro's health and healing programs incorporate the latest scientific research findings for gaining greater wellness by integrating the activities of spirit mind body.