Specbee is a global web and mobile solutions provider with an aim to offer leading digital solutions on open technologies. Headquartered in Bangalore, Specbee has its other associate offices in USA & UK which are the main contact points for worldwide clients. The core expertise of the company lies in developing creative & innovative web designs, Drupal web development & mobile application development. With a highly qualified team of certified developers, Specbee is equipped to deliver innovation in its digital solutions.

Specbee believes in commitment and customer satisfaction, which have been the main principles behind its success over the years. With not only business needs but also the long term vision in mind, the solutions are crafted accordingly, followed by meticulous quality control measures and carefully monitored test processes.

The firm's client base includes a number of fortune 500 companies which have helped Specbee in gaining a lot of traction across all markets. As a reputed firm, Specbee covers every aspect of website design and development, whether it is a completely fresh start or a customized development.

Specbee's expertise in advanced technology ensures that the firm not only provides solutions to the clients, but also identifies and acts upon opportunities for new innovations which ensure that they remain ahead of the curve in the highly competitive market.

Since its inception, Specbee has worked with a number of clients to climb up the ladder and achieve international recognition for its work. Specbee's work is always acknowledged for precision, superiority and quality which are a result of team-work, commitment to the success of project delivery and openness, both within the company and with all the customers.

Why Specbee?


Specbee has been working on Drupal since the time of version 4.x. Their developers have gained great expertise and have implemented the same to build & maintain some of the most complex web applications & websites.

Customer First, Always

Specbee offers the most optimum solution, keeping in mind the business objectives, time & budget.

End to End Expertise
With a great team of qualified UI/UX designers & certified developers, Specbee can build a compelling website or an application & make it work hassle free.

Deployment & Scaling Expertise

Specbee has dealt with a lot of high traffic Drupal sites and they know what it takes to scale Drupal sites such that they are capable of handling maximum traffic.

High Availability

Irrespective of whether the entire team is working on your end-to-end product or just a Drupal developer who is an extension of your team, Specbee ensures that the client always has the required number of resources working at all times.

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As a passionate technical writer for Specbee Consulting Services , Shefali loves crafting content and sharing information about technology and business. Since her world mainly revolves around digital media, business growth and technological advancements, you can always find her delved in the digital world.