Gold is an important part of Indian culture, and is considered extremely sacred. We Indians are passionate about gold, which can be undoubtedly seen in every part of our life. In Indian culture, women, and gold have a special bonding, this tradition is old and is still continuing. It is considered asa symbol of holiness and good fortune. If we look back in time, it can be easily noticed that today gold prices have risen so high, but still the sale of gold has remained unaffected. Gold price differs in every state due to different tax policies, demand and other factors. Gold price in Chennai differs from gold price in Bangalore. Sale and demand of gold increase tremendously during wedding season because in Indian marriages bride must wear gold jewelleries, which is a sign of prosperity and luck.

Other than wedding, gold is also bought on various festivals like Durga Puja,Onam and Pongal. During these days ladies get dressed traditionally, and wear gold ornaments. Kerala is considered a very culture rich state and in many traditional and cultural events gold is worn especially by women and is also given as gift to each other, as it is believed that gold brings good fortune. Many people begin their business or other important work with the purchase of gold. The price of gold is subject to a change on everyday basis, as of today gold price in Kerala is 2,598INR per gram. Though the prices of gold have gone up but its value has yet not decreased. In India it is considered much more than being just a precious metal, as it is a part of our life and our religious belief.

Investing on gold is also a good option as gold prices keeps on increasing. As the trend is changing, people are opting for designer jeweleries. These days gold business has seen uproot as various gold designing companies are blending jeweleries with latest in fashion. These designer companies are presenting to their customers latest gold jewellery design sat attractive prices. Some points should be kept in mind before buying gold jewellery like buying only hallmark jewellery. Hallmarks are official marks that are used by many countries to show the purity of gold and also determines its genuineness. You can also buy gold through online stores, buying gold online can be a better option as you can get latest jewellery designs and attractive deals on gold price in Chennai and gold price in Bangalore through these classified sites. The benefit of online shopping is that one can shop while sitting at home.

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