Rebound relationships are difficult to fathom. They often occur when one of the partners of a new relationship has recently come out of a long term affair. It takes a long time for one to heal emotionally from a long relationship coming to an end, especially if it has not been on amicable terms. Rebound relationships often happen when the person in question turns for emotional support to a person who seems to understands. The thin line between being friends and turning lovers is often breached. This is because the idea of not being in love with someone can be difficult to digest.

You have to be able understand clearly whether you or your new love is on rebound. Analyze the basis of your present relationship. Are you spending a significant amount of time moping about your previous relationship or drawing comparisons between partners? Do you constantly think of how the relationship could have been saved? Do you find it difficult going to places or making new memories with your new partner simply because you are living in the past? In all such cases, you are definitely on rebound.

In some cases you will find that this is true of your new partner. Being able to identify the problem can take a while. After this you will have to determine how it will affect you and whether you will be able help your partner get over the previous relationship. It is not always as easy as it looks. It can be emotionally draining for both sides. Depending on who is on rebound, the other partner will have to keep their emotions on the back burner and help the other get over their hurt.

Some people feel that rebound relationship can only compound the pain. In such cases it is better to step away from a new relationship. If you are on rebound and have realized this, it is better to let your new partner know and ask for space to assess your emotions. Once you have those clear you may feel that your partner is possibly not the right person for you. If it is your partner on rebound, explain to them gently that a rebound relationship is not going to help them in any way. In fact it can lead to more people getting hurt. If you are unsure of your feelings and want to assess them without stepping out of relationship, then steer away from commitment. You will be heading for an emotional disaster if you do.

Rebound relationships are not easy to handle, but they have to done, keeping a clear third person perspective in mind.

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