Recertified Chemistry Analyzers - Laboratory Products Worth Buying

Medical and research facilities use different types of laboratory equipment to perform various analytical functions. Every lab requires equipment such as hematology analyzers, centrifuges, blood gas analyzers, coagulation analyzers, immunology analyzers and chemistry analyzers. Hospitals, clinics, medical and forensic investigators, research facilities, and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies require chemistry lab equipment and medical lab equipment. Chemistry analyzers are used to carry out various day-to-day analytical functions in medical and research laboratories. Brand new as well as recertified models of chemistry analyzers from renowned manufacturers are made available by reliable laboratory equipment dealers. Laboratory facilities working on a minimum budget can choose to purchase recertified chemistry analyzers and get accurate results just as new ones.

Roche Hitachi, Olympus AU400e, Beckman CX-3 Delta, Roche Cobas Mira Classic, and Dade Dimension AR are the leading manufacturers of chemistry analyzers. Choose from a wide range of products which have practicability, precision, and affordable pricing. Chemistry analyzers are mainly used for routine laboratory checks for albumin, magnesium, glucose, uric acid, creatine, iron and inorganic phosphorous. The equipment is also used for evaluating lipids, thyroid functions, therapeutic drugs and much more.

Benefits of Recertified Chemistry Analyzers

Recertified medical laboratory equipment meets strict quality check processes prior to recertification. Hence it’s worth buying recertified products if your budget is minimal. When recertifying, the laboratory equipment that is returned to the manufacturer due to some defects are thoroughly scrutinized and repaired according to the original manufacturer’s stipulations. Factory trained technicians carry out all necessary refurbishment procedures and quality tests before putting them up for sale. The main benefits of buying recertified chemistry analyzers are:

• Suitable warranty
• After sales service
• Modest pricing within your means
• Advantage of getting advanced features of new models at reduced price
• Recertified equipment undergoes stringent quality assessment
• Easy accessibility of spare parts
• Consistently dependable with reduced repair works
• Ensures accuracy and quality test results

Popular models Roche Hitachi 912 and Tosoh 600 recertified chemistry analyzers guarantee perfect functioning and accurate test results.

Established Dealers for Smart Buying

Reliable laboratory equipment dealers provide solutions that will ideally suit your needs and budget. Established dealers also provide extensive product catalog with specifications on their websites. Always make a detailed search for the products before finalizing the purchase. Some facts to consider before buying any recertified laboratory equipment are:

• Total price tag inclusive of all taxes
• Year of manufacture
• Performance exactness and reliability

It is also necessary to find out whether the dealer provides free shipping services. Established dealers in the industry usually guarantee after sales service, great customer support, instant response and adequate warranty. Always depend on a recognized dealer for quality recertified chemistry analyzers that ensure accurate results. Moreover, before picking a chemistry analyzer make sure that the product can efficiently meet all your application requirements.

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