Loans come in two forms- secured and unsecured in nature. The former requires a collateral or pledge as the amounts advanced are larger. The borrower would need to own property or valuable assets to avail the services of the secured type of loan. Interest rates here are relatively lower. In the unsecured form, no collateral or pledge is required; however, they are advanced in small amounts and charge a higher fee as interest. Unsecured personal loans offer funding for personal use, that is risk free as no collateral is needed.

Unsecured loans are usually set on a fixed term, which means, there is an agreement between the lender and the borrower on a time frame where a fixed amount is paid every month for a specific period. The interest rates are set higher, however, it may be mentioned that such rates are still lower and prove more cost effective compared to credit card rates.

Bad credit holders face immense difficulty when it comes to acquiring loans. Even though the lenders are not very restrictive in terms of credit checks, they prefer dealing with borrowers who have a fixed income as it gives assurance of repayment as no other security is attached to the unsecured loans.

The application process for the unsecured loans is simple and involves filling of a single form which is made available on the respective websites. For verification purposes, the lenders require the identification details of the borrower. These include, age proof (above 18 years), citizenship of the UK, employment and salary information and a valid bank account number. Once submitted, verification does not take long and the funds are immediately processed and transferred to the customer’s bank account.

This loan caters to those who are in dire need to immediate funding, but have no collateral to provide. It is a convenient way of getting money if one is suffering from bad credits in a short period of time.

There are many options available through the online mode which allows borrowers to find a scheme suitable to fit their needs and requirements. The benefits of the unsecured personal loans and unsecured loans are quick advancement of funds with suitable amounts that give room for various expenses and flexible repayment options. A lot also depends on the financial capability and status of the borrower.

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