What is ovarian cyst rupture?

Ovary cyst is one of the common disease in women, especially for the age range from 18 to 52,As we all known, ovarian cyst is a disease that has uneasy signs at the beginning for many sufferers,and are not to pay much attention on the early symptoms, so leading the cysts to grow more heavier ,moreover ,it may develop into ovary cyst rupture, most of them are spontaneous rupture, with the cysts growing so fast, bursa wall of the local blood supply, the capsule of the liquid, the increment of bursa wall cause a weak break, overflow wash into the abdominal cavity, so the early treatment is necessary in case of ovary cyst rupture.

The symptoms

1, Pain in the lower abdomen: The ovarian cysts rupture sufferers may feeling sharp pain in the lower abdomen sometimes, the pain occur in the pelvic, however, we often mixed it with menstrual caused pain, for the severe sufferers, the pain usually more heavy and last for more time, the burst and rupture cysts also make the sufferers feeling disorientation and fatigue.

2, Physiology cycle: Cyst on ovary can trigger the body uncomfortable cycle, such as irregular menstrual cycle, micturition frequent, because suffering more pressure from the rupture cysts, the lower abdomen send a sign for more urination .For the severe sufferers, they more likely troubling in nausea and vomiting, parts of them have obvious physical changes, loss of appetite and body weight change heavily.

The treatment

According to the types of rupture degree and your doctor's advice, the treatment usually including antibiotics and surgery, along with conservative treatment, there is two tips for ovarian cyst rupture sufferers.

1,Keep a good diet, get more food rich in enough nutrition, keep away from junk food and not normal diet ( spicy food, seafood, etc )

2,Avoid high tension and mental stimulation, keeping optimistic, cheerful mood and peace of mind, which can increase the body's immunity, pay attention to keep warm, away from catching cold, especially for the pregnancy period.

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