Many will agree that childhood is the best phase of human life, no worries; no stress; life seems so colorful and perfect but then human tends to grow up. Adulthood comes with its own difficulties and responsibilities which turns many adults into boring personalities. The main reason which turns adults into a bit boring personality is the unending race or earning money. Most of us are just thinking about money, money and just money. I have friends who often see their children after a week due to their busy schedule. Even when they are with their family their minds are pre-occupied with business deals, they are just thinking about their competitors. Obviously, they don’t have time for fun and their life is boring as hell. Thinking too much about the work also results in stress and bad health which in turn affect your personal life as well. I think there should be a balance between work and leisure activities. Some of the ways in which you can put some colors into your life are as follow.

1. Spending time with children:
The best way to enjoy your life is to spend a few hours every day with children, you will quickly learn to love life. Play with children, listen to their amazing questions, visit park with them, help them in doing their homework, watch cartoons with them, play games with them. In simple words turn yourself into a child when you are with them. You will learn a thing or two about life and happiness by spending time with children.

2. Buy some funny things for yourself or gift it to your friends:
Well, internet world is filled with some funny, cool and amazing products. These products are build to add smile to your face. Some says that the best way to be happy is by spreading happiness, you can do it by buying cool and funny gifts for your loved ones. The smile on their faces after getting the gift will surely make your day. You can even get some cool things for your office table to make it amusing and funny. Take a look at this amazing collection of cool things to buy online (, don’t forget to buy some.

3. Socialize more
The other thing you can do to enjoy life is by socializing. When did you last time take the roller coaster ride with your friends? Don’t remember, it is time to take one. When did you watch a funny movie in the theater? When did you go on a get to gather with your old friends? When did you take a trip with your cousins? When did you last time die laughing on an old joke? Life is all about cherishing beautiful moments; don’t you want to make some for your old age? Go and make some for yourself by mingling with people and enjoying every moment of life.

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