When you work in business, communication is vitally important. In order to develop your company you must network with others, building business relationships and presenting your company in a strong light is an all important factor.This is where compliment slips come in, compliment slips have the potential to encourage lasting partnerships with other businesses and customers and allow them to flourish.

Compliment slips can usually be found alongside bills or invoices when sent out to customers and clients.Compliment slips work in a similar way to business card and letterheads, but they offer a friendlier touch with personalized messages to your customers.In order to add a personal touch, compliment slips can even be written by hand.

Deciding on the correct compliment slips can be difficult, as there are so many to choose from on the market.Making the right first impression is imperative so taking the time to get your slips right is a good idea.There are many elements you can customize on your slips including paper, ink and fonts.When it comes to choosing the right colour, often simplicity is the key a simple black and white may prove more successful than a garish colour scheme.Although most compliment slips adhere to an A6 paper size, you can make your slip whichever size you want depending on what you think will work best for your business.

Versatility is one of the buzz words when it comes to compliment slips.You will usually see notes of thanks or appreciation on compliment slips but you can write whatever message you feel is appropriate in the situation.Although they are usually used as part of a set with other forms of correspondence, not on their own.

Because compliment slips present your business in such a good light they are also a very good promotional tool. As compliment slips present your business positively they also make for useful promotional tools.They also establish a pleasant tone, encouraging customers and clients to come back to you again and again.

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The author of this article has been in business a number of years so knows which small measures can make a big difference for you. He is an advocate of compliment slips, having seen their advantages first hand.