Self-neglect, a term not used quite often. And some people consider it as self-criticism. Well, it’s time to learn about it and how to overcome it.
So what is Self-neglect? Self-neglect is a behavioral condition in which an individual neglects to attend to their basic needs, such as personal hygiene, appropriate clothing, feeding, or tending appropriately to any medical conditions they have. And what is neglect? It means fail to care for properly. Now, you must be wondering that why am I mentioning this? So, let me tell you that self-neglect is the kind of basic reason why people get depressed. You would have seen a lot of people and yourself as well that when you want to try something there’s always a force which pulls you back from doing it. And whilst that force keeps pulling you back, you usually tell yourself that you can’t try and that should think about something. You would have heard others telling you to become more confident but you just can’t. Do you know what makes you feel like that? All self-neglect have been putting on yourself since past few years. And when you try to do something all that self-neglect sums up into a devil and haunts you from trying anything new.
When you start criticizing yourself, you start hating yourself. Yes, that’s true! Love yourself first and only then anyone else. We just keep on ignoring this issue till we get depressed and then come out of it just how the brook hits the jutting parts of the land and finally reach the brimming river. But there is no choice you see. Feeling depressed is not a choice. But since depression occurs because of self-neglect which is possible to end then it could be referred as a choice. Feeling in a certain way is a choice. Changing your thoughts and mindset up about yourself is a choice again. This leads us to the feeling depressed is somewhat complicated but a CHOICE. Coming back to self-neglect, I have usually seen people getting compliments but reacting to them in two different ways. For Instance:-
1st type of reaction
Person 1 – Hey! You are looking so damn gorgeous today.
Person 2 – I am an ugly fat potato, c’mon! Stop it! (If the speaker is feeling the same way)
2nd type of reaction
Person 1 – Hey! You are looking so damn gorgeous today.
Person 2 – Aww thanks! You too are looking really beautiful.
Now, in both the situation compliments were given but reactions were quite different. The first reaction is how a person starts neglecting them self. The second one is the totally opposite. Sounds really small or something, but this what happens in real life. All these small things when combined lead to self-neglect. Look, I am not going to tell you that you are awesome or something but you are. You are lucky as well. You are reading this article and thinking about bringing a change in yourself. You are lucky enough that you are born! We all are here to bring a change. Look at yourself, start improving yourself, bring a lot of positive changes.
There are certain small steps that you could take to end this self-neglect. Some of them are –
1)Forgive yourself. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s totally fine! You are not a robot or something. You need to forgive yourself just like how you forgive others. After all, you are a human being, before you are yourself.
2)Describe how you are grateful for yourself. Start writing about feeling grateful to have the body you have, even if you don't like everything. Avoid the trap of being grateful for something that is better than what other people have.
1)Start your morning by going through your face. Look at yourself in the mirror. Check how to improvise yourself a bit more.
3)Enjoy everything. Try everything. But keeping falling in love with yourself more and more.
4)Think about yourself. Progress to the extended abilities that are unique to you. Think about skillful things like dancing, singing, writing, and features that make up your character like your listening skills, your skills in cheering up people, your skills in being a good friend.
Stay calm and patient! Take every bad situation in your life as an experience where you learn something. Everything has an end!
At the end, all I want to say is love yourself and keep trying. And never forget to be awesome!

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My name is Simran Sareen. I am a professional writer and have been writing for over 6-7 years now. I write articles on a lot of different topics but I expertise in following topics- depression, anxiety,stress,test anxiety, grief, forgiveness, Eating Disorders, Exercise Motivation, Family Stress, Loneliness, Self Harm, Sexual Abuse, Sleeping Well, Social Anxiety, Traumatic Experiences, Work Related Stress, Porn Addiction and many more topics.