Many Christians are concerned about sex and Christian dating. This is typical, especially in our modern era where everywhere anyone turns it is all about sex. Sex occurs on television, sex in music and unbelievably, sexual scandals in churches. Often times, Christians try to find excuses in ignoring the blatant command from God that one should not engage in pre-marital sex. Every excuse possible has been made referencing pre-marital sex. The same rule always apply, Christians should not do it. The bible continually speaks of how pre-marital sex can negatively influence one’s life and this is enough reason why Christians should not partake in ungodly pleasures.
Christians on the dating scene tend to believe that they are entitled to find out the sexual compatibility of their girlfriend/boyfriend before marrying them. Christian males and females are guilty of such thinking. God frowns upon pre-marital sex and there are many reasons why.
There are numerous reasons why Christians should not engage in pre-marital sex. Couples engaging in pre-marital sex can set their relationship up for failure. Numerous Christian couples have experienced the destruction that sex can have on their dating relationship. Pre-marital sex may not lead to the destruction of the relationship right away however, it can minimally lead to confusion while making the relationship unhealthy and ultimately ending, even if not right away.
Pre-marital sex is not only a “no-no” for Christians who are dating but it should also be a “no-no” for non-believers and this is why; God created Sex for the reasoning of creating human life and for the enjoyment of married couples. Sex between married couples is a gift from God while joining of two souls. When any couple has pre-marital sex, this is not a union blessed by God.
When Christians engage in pre-marital sex, they are literally taking God out of the equation. God cannot have a dwelling in a union between two people who engaged in sexual behavior before marriage. There are huge prices to pay when Christians engage in such behavior before marriage and unfortunately, most do not find this out until it is too late.
Having pre-marital sex is an outright act of self-centeredness. Christians should never place their desires above God. God’s word plainly states that pre-marital sex is wrong and Christians are continually ignoring God’s word while making every excuse imaginable to justify sex before marriage. No matter how one spins it, sex before marriage is wrong as a Christian.
Marriage is not the same as purchasing new clothes. One cannot simply try someone else “on” before deciding if they are worth purchasing. A great sexual relationship between a man and a woman is one, which is made up of trust and a spiritual union. God did not invent sex to be shared by merely anyone who has the desire. Sex was invented for two people who are joined in marriage to share intimacy and love which makes for a true bond with ever lasting love as compared to two single Christians dating.

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