Are you happy with your relationship right now? Why? Is it because of the romance? Or because of the sex?I'm sure it's not because of that! Lovers won't be happy with sex alone and won't be satisfied with romance alone. We become happy when we achieve both sex with romance and romance with sex.

How come these two become one together? Other people said that sex can happen within yourself, with stranger, with a friend without love and with love, with romance and any other mixture of it. The thing is still sex. While romance is a challenging adventure. It can be an exciting new relationship with someone. It can be also an affair with fascination to someone, can be a felling of ecstasy and usually short term love affair. More often it is define as love while others believe that it implies to writing and telling stories out of imagination with sex added.

Sometimes romance refer to stimulation like sending a sweet poem to your lover. But you cannot call the prepared romantic dinner party as romantic dinner sex. However a sex can be romantic like when you are having sex in a romantic place but it become non sense when it is only for the sake of sex.

Sex fails when the romance is slowly fading in a relationship. It is because we ignore it when we become more confident to our partners. That's why there is a need to work on bringing the romance alive again in a relationship when things goes wrong. By doing so, it will help you grow, learn and expand the relationship. You can actually find plenty of ways to strengthen and make your relationship colorful as long as there is a desire in your heart.

Therefore, sex and romance goes together in making any individual happy.

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