Did your girlfriend just break up with you and now you want her back in your life? You really love her and you will do anything to get her back with you. If this is exactly what you feel right now, then find out how to get your girl back by reading below.

Q: I don't understand how it happened. I thought my girlfriend and I had a pretty solid relationship until the day she said she needs a break from "us". I'm worried she doesn't love me anymore so what can I do to change that?
A: Your girlfriend didn't directly say that she doesn't love you anymore. What she said is that she wants to examine her life and where it is going and she can't do it while in a relationship. By saying she needs a break, she is telling you that she wants to figure out how to live her life and what exactly she wants from it.
What you need to do right now is provide her with what she is asking for. Keep in mind that you cannot control your girlfriend's thoughts. This means you can't force her to think or feel something. You only have control over yourself and no one else. Remember that you can't get love just because you demanded for it. The more you push for love, the farther she will run. Instead of wondering too much about "she doesn't love me anymore," you should try on concentrating and improving on yourself.
Q: I suspect my girlfriend is cheating on me. I think she doesn't love me anymore because she is acting differently nowadays. Could she be meeting another guy?
A: When your partner starts to dress up too sexy before going out of the house to meet so called friends, there's a good chance that she is having an affair. Of course, it could be that your girlfriend just wants to look pretty wherever she goes. If the two of you starts to drift apart and the intimacy starts to die down then this would be the time to ask your partner about the situation.
Q: I don't think my girlfriend loves me the way I love her. I'm afraid that she'll tell me she doesn't love me anymore. What can I do to stop this from happening?
A: You should ask yourself if you deserve love and happiness in your life. If you're so worried about her leaving you then you are putting too much stock on her for your happiness in life.
The only person who can keep you happy is yourself. You should probably start working on your self-confidence because you seriously need them. Remember, the root of successful relationships is when each individual feels successful themselves. Begin loving yourself again in order to get your ex back.

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