An engagement is a significant step in a couple's relationship simply because it takes both parties one step closer to matrimony. As such, it is only logical that the perfect diamond engagement ring is provided for by the man for his soon-to-be-wife.

What to Look For

Of course, before proposing to your lady love, you must already have the engagement ring all tucked up in your pocket ready to be presented at the most opportune time. Keep the following tips in mind when looking for the perfect ring for your future fiancee:

• Determine her preferences. The perfect ring is one that your lady love can wear with confidence because it is according to her tastes, which you should known by now. Does she like small stones set around a mid-sized stone? Does she like colored or colorless diamonds? Does she like a bezel, flush or prong setting? Does she like gold or platinum bands? If you have ever looked for jewelry with her, you should be able to judge her taste in jewelry.
• Determine your budget. It's the thought that counts, after all. You can purchase good quality diamond engagement rings for as low as $500.

• Pick the design. Once you have her preferences and your budget, you can start browsing through the available designs. Better yet, you can approach a jeweler for a custom-made diamond engagement ring.
When you are looking for the diamonds to be set on the metal band, it pays to know the four Cs of gemstones. At the very least, you will know if the price for the diamond engagement ring is well worth it. Just to mention briefly the 4 Cs that must be stated by the jeweler on the certificate:

• Color - The most expensive diamonds are the colorless ones except for the fancy-colored kinds.
• Cut - This refers to the proportions of the diamond like emerald, heart, marquis, pear, princess, round and oval. A skilled craftsman will bring out the best in a diamond by playing around with the cut.

• Clarity - The most precious diamonds are the most flawless both on the inside and outside. If possible, the jeweler should let you see through a microscope and then point out any inclusions in the diamond.

• Carat - Contrary to popular notion, carat is the least important consideration in choosing the perfect diamond for the ring. This is only a matter of weight.

Many men say that they know the perfect engagement ring when they see it but it is always a better idea to come prepared.

What to Beware Of

You must also be prepared against becoming a victim to one of numerous engagement ring scams in jeweler's stores and sites. Here are a few examples of the mistakes you must avoid:

• Buying from a suspicious store or site with no reliable recommendations to back up its claims. It is better to buy directly from the manufacturer so as to save on the costs as well.
• Failing to ask for proper certification documents, comprehensive warranty and after-sales service. (The ring may not fit too well or other valid reasons for altering the ring)

Choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring is no walk in the park. Fortunately, a little care and caution will go a long way toward ensuring the happiness of your lady love.

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