Who still not convinced that online shopping is one of the greatest invention of the 21st century. Not sure how to do this perfectly? We are here to share some pros of shopping online. It has no rows, smelly changing rooms and you do not even have to get dressed well to go for shopping. What you need to do is, just sit at home on the couch or secretly if you're bored at work and grab everything you want at your door-step.

Here are some tips to make you shop smartly!

1. Coupon Codes
This is always better to find a coupon code for free shipping, or something like, get 10% discount if you sign up for the newsletter or 15% off on your first purchase, etc. So before you place your order, first check always online for discount codes. Or look in the wizhuntlocals.com for Local deals around you, here you will see the latest discount offers by your favorite stores.

2. Always use filters
This will save you a lot of time, because if you do not have to scroll through items that they do not have more in your size or color you do not want. For example, if you search for shoes, add filter for “leather shoes”. These are often the most beautiful and finest shoes.

3. It is not always a bargain
Sometimes it seems that some websites have make sale, but secretly they are just the right price for the sale brought something up. So this is really not such a good deal. Check it always on Google. This will ensure that you your bargain is really a bargain.

4. Look at the model
The important thing is that you look at the model in the photo well (especially if you're petite). So you can estimate some of the crop top on a model of 1.80 actually cropped will be with you. This prevents your return costs.

5. Make your email blank
No more newsletters for which you signed up to receive a discount code. But now you flood your mailbox with annoying messages. Go and carefully email back and unsubscribe from all the sites where you do not mail to receive it. Most companies have an unsubscribe button at the bottom. Additionally, you only also get emails from brands that you find interesting, and you see immediately when they are back in stock.

6. Do you doubt?
Some sites have on their site or Instagram photos of people who have already bought the item. You can simply just check pinterest as look-a-like inspiration. And you can immediately see if you can combine fun and it really is your style. This prevents impulse purchases that probably still will not wear.

7. Shop at stores that free shipping and returns
These online shops are worth gold, but certainly a trap because the threshold is less to buy something. Yet it is extremely useful as it may seem bandage dress in the picture very beautiful, but you look at it really look like a roast. In one sentence: We love free trade.

8. Either find shops where you can pick up free items in the store

If a store does not offer free shipping, you can find someone else who do so. There are lots of stores who offer free shipping over $100.

Our favorite? Wizhuntlocals.com. Here you can get best deals and coupons for shopping online and then pick up very easily from the stores, so you not only save big and avoid the big sale-gang in the store, but also shipping and bad buys.

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Misty Jhones