There is nothing better than a grass fed steak over family dinner. However, if the steak you got will have you chewing endlessly, it is a different story! A tough beef meat for steak cannot give you the best eating experience, for a perfect steak is tender and juicy--the underlying qualities of that makes it delightfully delicious!

flank steak

Pasture-raised meats are very healthy and preferred by most health-enthusiasts. Since the source are animals which were allowed to roam in pasture in their lifetime, they are getting plenty of exercise that makes their meat tougher than the conventional beef cuts. Yet, organic beef still have plenty of benefits that makes it better that grain-fed beef, and first in line are the nutritional content that cannot be taken for granted.

If you are a cook and want to serve great-tasting steak on a budget, tougher but inexpensive cuts can be remedied for there are several ways to effectively tenderize them for steak. Below are tips on how you will do it.

1. Use a meat tenderizing hammer and pound the meat to break down the fibers. With a meat mallet, tough cuts such as chuck, rump, and flank, can be cooked evenly.

2. Marinades are also effective in tenderizing grass fed meats especially if there are acidic ingredients included in the marinade mixture. Fresh pineapple juice is an effective meat tenderizer because of the enzyme bromelain as well as papaya with its enzyme called papain that effectively softens each meat fiber.

Marinate the beef with fresh pineapple juice or papaya mixture in a non-reactive container for several hours or overnight. Vinegar, wine, and oil can also be used, but do not forget to punch some holes with fork or sharp knife in the meat so that the marinade will penetrate thoroughly. Turn the meat occasionally to evenly coat.

3. Rubs are also effective meat tenderizers though it is a dry technique. A mixture of powdered herbs and spices is coated in the pastured meat that leaves crust as it cook.

After tenderizing your organic beef, you are now ready to grill a flavorful meat for a wonderful meal!

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Eileen McMahon is a blogger for three years now. She writes topics about the environment and advocates sustainable agriculture through green living, healthy eating and grass fed diet. She lives in New York with her family.