Writing personal essays won’t be difficult if the hook used in the essay is intriguing enough to grab the attention of the reader, A hook is a generally used in the beginning of the essay so as to maintain the readers interest especially in the personal essays, but usually students are not able to use appropriate hook for a personal essay. Here, are some interesting hook ideas that will help you develop an interesting personal essay

Use of anecdote:

Make use of anecdote that are short amusing stories in the beginning of the essay provided the story is relevant and interesting otherwise he will lose interest. You can either make up a story or use one of your experiences.

Make the essay more informative:

You can start the essay with a piece of information that is not common; this will intrigue the reader to keep on reading the rest of the essay. For example; if you are writing college personal essays then you can tell the reader about your first day experience.

Using quote always work:

When nothing seems to work, you can always rely on the use of pertinent quotation in the beginning, well known authors recommend this technique to the beginners but the strategy will only work when it is according to the theme of the personal essay. Think of the quote as the thesis statement and then search for a quote; you will do well.

Ask something to the reader:

“Are you also going through the same problem? Do you want to know the secret of losing weight in just ten days? “These types of questions allure the reader to keep on reading the essay provided that the question is a need of your target audience. So, first you have to find out what is the need of your audience and then devise a question which will be then answered later in the essay.

Suggest something to the readers:

Again, this calls for discovering the need of your target audience but here you would be giving them the answer rather than the question. If you know what they want to and what they are looking for then you can begin your essay with a how to tip.

Provide a summary of the essay:

This one is the most common of all the hooks used in essay writing, you should write the whole essay in the first place and then write the first paragraph of the personal essay which will be a short summary of it.

Hence, you can follow the above told personal essay writing hooks to enhance the reader’s interest in the essay. The six hooks will give you a clear idea of crafting your essay but do remember one thing that is use the hooks as according to the topic nature of the personal essay otherwise it will destroy the theme of your essay. Also, make sure that you are not using more than one hook in the essay because it will only make it more crowded and confusing.

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