The things you need to factor in when choosing which skin tag removal method to pursue are the health of the patient, the type of skin tag and its size. These days, skin tags are removed using excision or other abrasive techniques. Whether by force or by surgery, the skin tags are removed from the skin from their roots. If the method entails the use of dental floss or knives, you are in for a lot of agony. If local anesthetics are used, you will fell less pain. But scar formation cannot be completely ruled out. There are so many creams available in the market, which show promising results. Some other unconventional suggestions made in many websites include tooth paste and nail polish. However, you would not find any scientific back up that these methods work. However, since many bloggers stand by the effectiveness of these methods, many people still make use of them. Do not start using unapproved drugs because there is the risk that it would only make things worse for your skin and for your health in general.

Skin tags are sometimes accidentally shaved off when armpit hair is being shaved. This happens quite often. There is a gnawing fear that it could lead to more skin infections and might even encourage the spread of skin tags. That is not true. This will not lead to the secondary outgrowth of tags. Applying antibiotic solution or cream in the area will also ensure that no skin infections will surface. The skin tags could have some bleeding. This will just continue for 5 to 10 minutes.

When the question of insurance arises, you need to know that you cannot claim money for all operations pertaining to skin tags. It will be considered as a cosmetic surgery by many of the insurance agents. And, in many insurance agents- books, cosmetic surgery counts as self-pay treatment. If you can prove that it is necessary to perform the operation, then you may have a chance of receiving something. If it is considered to be a suspicious outgrowths of if the skin tags have turned malignant, the case is considered in a different manner. Coverage of the medical treatment will be covered by insurance since it now falls under the category of regular emergency surgery.

When removing skin tags, it is always a concern when the tags are found to be malignant. Surgeons always perform biopsy tests when they are supposed to do some skin tag removal later. Biopsies are primarily to make sure the skin tags are not harmful. You do not have to remove skin tags if they are benign or very small, and also if they are located in parts of the body that are hidden. If, however, the tags are malignant, then you should take steps to have them removed as soon as possible. Leaving it would only give the cancer more time to metastasize and spread to other parts of the body.

Apple juice, lemon extract, and other simple home remedies are very effective in removing skin tags. A cotton ball is dipped into the juice and wiped over the skin tags. Let the cotton ball stay in place, using a bandage to secure it. You will get better results if you keep doing this several times a day.

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