Smart goal setting is the subject I will be dealing with today. It is something that, if only given proper attention, could change people's lives around. It is well known that a lack of specific aims in your life will have you going nowhere fast.

So why is that goal setting helps? Because the human brain tends to react only to those things you think about the most, the things you constantly repeat to yourself.

What's important is that we can educate our brain to concentrate on our goals, so writing them down and reading them on a daily basis will get us used to them to the extent where they will no longer seem so distant or difficult to accomplish.

Of course this has to be doubled by starting to actually do something about that, you can't just expect things to happen without you doing anything. But what's important is that reiterating your aspirations and plans will have a positive effect on your thoughts.

Setting Life Goals

Plan your goals in steps of three months, six months, a year, ten years, decide what you need to do in order to accomplish them in due time and you will see how your life will start moving in the desired direction.

I'm sure that by now you've acknowledged the value of smart goal setting, but that is not enough, you have to take the next step, the one so few people actually get around to take, and write down your targets and aspirations.

Think about it, it is your life! You can mold it into whatever shape and form you desire. So think about what your perfect life would be like in every detail, put that down on a piece of paper, make sure you read that every day from here on in, and start working your way towards that ideal.

But smart goal setting tends to remain an abstract idea for over 99% of the population, although its beneficial applications should be more than apparent.

YOU should rise above the overwhelming majority!

No matter how many quality motivational trainers and personal development books are out there, the percent of real successful people will always remain somewhere below 3%.


Because people are LAZY!

It may seem unbelievable that being lazy could be such a serious drawback, but it's true. People think that they should first "get ready" for their big starting moment and they keep getting ready until they conclude that everything is just too difficult and quit!

Waiting for the perfect conditions will only delay you forever. You can't just keep postponing your actions because something else will always come up. If only you manage to score a few small victories, you will already have accomplished more than 99% of the population whose dreams of a better life still seem unreachable, and that should give you enough confidence to continue on your way to success.

Aspirations can provide powerful motivational impulses, and all you need to do is to follow impulses with the right actions.
You deserve a better life! Start living it!

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George Tiganus is a motivational coach providing free MLM Training to internet marketers worldwide. Smart Goal Setting is one of the most important things for any person who really wants to their life to a higher standard.