Snoring and Sleep Apnoea are symptoms and are warning signs from your body that a number of things have gone wrong in your biochemistry.

When I remarried 23 years ago, how little did I know that my husband would present me with the gift of exploring what is REALLY happening in the body when a person snores? I started to dread the nights; the sounds were so overwhelming that it started to agitate me beyond words.
When my husband decided to subject himself to 2 operations which didn’t work, I decided to explore what is happening underneath in the biochemistry.

Snoring and sleep apnoea are not just issues related to an age group. Children can snore and have problems with sleep apnoea.

The overall, general biochemical patterns are:
• Ph imbalance
• Problems with carbohydrate metabolism
• Broad spectrum hormonal imbalances
• Problems with the utilization of proteins in the body
• Erectile dysfunction
• Muscle damage particular with sleep apnoea
• Inflammatory processes
• Connective tissue breakdown
• Cancer
• Diabetic Conditions
• Cardiovascular problems
• High Blood Pressure
• Strokes

I have monitored a few hundred biochemical screening profiles and yet I have not seen one the same. That’s where our unique biochemistry comes in.
Once you know the cause, snoring can usually stop within 2 months. With sleep apnoea one of the issues is essential and that is improving the utilization of proteins in the body.

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Helena Ederveen is an Associate Member Australasian College Nutritional & Environmental Medicine; Clinical Nutritionist; Certified Master Practitioner NLP & Advanced Practitioner Eriksonian Hypnosis; Counsellor. 25 Years Experience. Are You Serious About Discovering Your Own Individual Blueprint Of Health? Free "Health Blueprint" Assessment.

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