Supposing I tell you the soccer drills including formations are the basis on which training sessions depend. If these drills are not appropriate for your players then your training methods will be of no use.

The style in which the players are placed on the filed is known as formation. Players will find it easy to act in response to various situations in the field if they carry out those drills which use formations. Soccer training includes several formations a few of which have been discussed below.

Centering the ball: The player strikes the ball from one side into the center of the field. This is without doubt one of the finest ways to get the ball into the arch of concentration. At this time, it critical that the remaining team members are in right balance with the one centering the ball. Centering of the ball is done on both sides of the field and is very easy to carry out.

Make sure that your soccer drills emphasize all the principles of offence, midfield, defense, and support. Therefore, the player with the ball will try to move it towards the outer region to the end line. This can be done by passing or dribbling. It’s necessary to get next to the end line.

To protect the goal, the best bet is for the defense to break up and make a line engaging the one centering the ball as well as the goal. For this reason, your team must be competent to retain their formation for a long time and steal the ball when on defense.

It’s highly unlikely that the ball would go offside when it is centered form the end line or is quite close to the end line. The reason is that person actually receiving the ball is behind from where the kick originated.

Kickoff formations: Teams that have young players practice such soccer exercises that allow them to get to the center circle and kick the ball as hard as they can. This is their kickoff plan. There are numerous rewards of kicking the ball. First, the ball gets fairly close to the opposition’s goal. Second, the team only needs to cover a less area if the ball is kicked to the right or left side.

Then, it is easier to teach them to first kick and then take off. Though it is nice to just kick the ball, the soccer practice is recommended where the players spin the ball forward to a teammate, move about the ball to the outer field, and then move along the field towards the opponent's goal.

In this way, the team is in a better position to control the ball. Ensure that the players are in a suitable formation and execute the formation as you would in any other drill. Note that this is not a real game. You are just teaching the players to play in different positions.

So go ahead, run the formation drill, end, modify, and execute the drill again. Keep going with these soccer drills till all the players have learnt to maintain their positions and react suitably in them.

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