Have you tried any LAN Messenger before? If not, then you’re definitely missing out something! It’s basically a secure messaging system that lets you to easily communicate with the employees and coworkers within a local area network. At the outset, it was only available for Windows but now you can get access to this powerful instant messaging (IM) application on your tablets and smartphones running on Android OS (operating system). With the evolution of the Softros from the desktop to IM app version, the employees will now easily connect and chat through this Wi-Fi chat program, even when they’re not sitting in front of their computers. So, are you ready to experience this safe, secure and effective intra-office communication messenger that allows far better connectivity than ever before?

How Does It Work?

Every day we hear about of hacks, database leaks, and viruses that made internet-based messengers an unsafe option for businesses. But now you don’t need to worry at all! Softros LAN chat application is a serverless program, particularly designed for user-to-user and user-to-group messages and file exchange within the local area network. It’s an in-house solution that encrypts all data and operates strictly within your corporate network (LAN, VLAN, VPN, WAN) while inhibiting employees to chat with people outside the organization.

Softros LAN Messenger’s key features include;
• Safe and secure chatting with individual or groups within the LAN
• Organizing users into customized groups based on the teamwork
• Staying in touch with other users on Mac systems and Windows
• Powerful AES-256 encryption algorithm
• Viewing chat history and Log messages
• The internet connection is not required
• Easy installation without server
• Remote access & remote assistance (Windows version)

Softros network messenger works both as classic single message exchange platform and conversation-like multiple user chat room that doesn’t require Internet connectivity. All messages that pass through LAN will be protected with a strong AES-256 encryption algorithm. When it comes to group broadcast messages, it enables you to notify certain groups or all users about an event. This IM program can also log your conversations to a centralized file server or to the local computer so you can never lose them. Softros’ office messenger is also great at saving your internet bandwidth and enabling you to curtail firewall breaches that might allow instant messaging worms and outside attacks.

Softros Messenger for Windows supports Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft/Citrix Terminal Services such as XenApp and RemoteApp virtualization technologies. This instant messaging system also allows you to use the desktop sharing facility for requesting remote assistance like installing an application, Windows configuration or resolving a technical problem. The IM software serves Mac OS X and Android users.

Softros network chat system has a slick and easy-to-use interface that allows you to securely communicate with your employees and colleagues in the form of personal or group messages. It also allows users to organize their contacts based on the particular project team. Moreover, it’s the first-ever enterprise IM systems to have a mobile application for staff members who move about the office.

Now all Android users can install Softros LAN messenger to stay in touch with the colleagues while on the go. Whether you are in the cafeteria, in the conference room or at a co-worker’s desk, the android enabled app will help you to stay connected with your fellow workers all the time.

Softros mobile instant messaging app offers an easy and secure communication platform that will allow your business to run more efficient than ever. It’s the best app that keeps employees connected while assuring that their conversations will never be compromised by outsiders.

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