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A good dog owner puts a lot of thought into what food they should feed their dog in order to keep him healthy and happy.

Although dogs are in fact omnivores meaning they can survive on both plants and animals, they are very closely related to wolves who live on a diet largely made up of meat. When choosing your dog’s diet; do it carefully. Dogs should receive their protein from meat, not corn or other grains. The primary ingredient and protein source in a quality dog food is always meat and the label should indicate the meat source. Meat by-products are unacceptable.

Choosing Dog Foods

Unfortunately dry dog food or kibble is the most common method of feeding due to convenience and excellent marketing on behalf of large dog food companies.

Yet with the rising cost of Veterinary care and reoccurring health problems related to diet, dog owners must research the other options of dog foods and feeding practices. Whether homemade, raw/raw frozen or canned foods, pet owners must take control of their best friends diet by starting with an all-natural quality food. Dog skin problems, reoccurring ear issues, scratching, chewing and impacted anal glands are all symptoms related to dog food and diet.

Vary the Meat Sources

It’s common for most dog owners to choose one food and protein source and stick with it. However, like people, dogs enjoy variety. By offering your dog a variety of protein sources you can satisfy his palate while giving life to his natural instincts as well.

Start by slowing introducing your dog to the different protein sources such as chicken, beef, lamb, venison, etc. of the particular brand you normally feed. However, anytime you introduce a new flavor, a new dog food or brand, it must be done slowly. Each day you will want to add a little of the new food or flavor to the old food. Do this over a week’s time. By slowly introducing the new flavors, you can avoid stomach upset and diarrhea.

Health Benefits

The cost of an all-natural quality dog food is worth its weight in gold and the health benefits can be astounding. Better skin, eliminate scratching and chewing, healthier ears, clearer eyes, firmer less stool and the list goes on.

Your choice of dog food is the best way to show your dog how much you really care.

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