The days are really challenging and busy for everyone in this 21st century. But in my opinion, kids are probably the busiest human beings in the world. We as parents build up a mountain of expectation in front of our kids. We expect them to act like super kids from the cartoon films who are able to sing, dance, fight, be empathetic and also be the best when it comes to academics. But the scenario is quite different in real life. It is true that some children are born with a genius or special quality, but this brilliance they generally show in one or two particular fields only, not all.

Child psychologists always talk of putting less pressure on children so that they can enjoy the world of their own. In this fast era, if we analyze the lives of school going students, we can notice that they occupied so much with academics and learning extra-curricular skills that they get no time to do the things that they want to. But the growing minds also need some mental feeds. After completing the school hours and the other classes, when children return back home, another thing waits for them and that is homework. It is an everyday scene in almost every household that moms are struggling with the home works of their kids.

Homework is no doubt an essential part of a child’s academic development, but it sometimes turns out to be a burden to them. There are host of benefits that after school studies offer to the kids. Proper time management is one essential factor that every one of us should learn. For kids home work is by far the best way to cultivate this skill. Moreover, understanding one’s own responsibilities can also be learnt through a home work. Homework can represent a “formal learning opportunity” but it is just the tip of the learning iceberg.

Informal learning opportunities can occur whenever parents encourage their children to learn simply for the sheer joy of learning. Some considers this task to be a better way of spending time with the kids. This gives the parents the chance to spend time with their kids and also strengthens their kid’s academic growth.Homework, traditionally defined as tasks teachers give students to complete at home, is a complicated area of educational research. Homework helps develop independent and self-directed learning. This has only been shown to occur when students receive scaffold support from their parents in primary or junior high school. Many parents are not able to provide this support.

For this they sometimes send their children for tuitions or arrange for the child’s home tuition. To enhance homework motivation, students need to be given some autonomy and choice in relation to their tasks. This does not commonly occur in schools. It is noticed in various studies that children who are overburdened with their after school work, fail to accomplish those, gradually lose their self-confidence. In such cases parental support is needed the most.

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