Have your professor assigned you the task to write a research paper? You have searched here and there to find out an appropriate topic for research but all of your efforts have gone in vain. Don’t worry! You can still find some interesting research paper topics if you follow a few guidelines on research paper writing. Here are some steps which will help you find out some good research paper topics:

Step 1 - Brainstorming: Brainstorming can really aid you a good deal in finding out the topics for research. Brainstorming will help you come up with several ideas for the topic. You should list down all ideas which come to your mind on a piece of paper. You shouldn’t just rely on one idea for research; you should try to amalgamate those ideas in relevance to each other to develop an original topic for research.

Step 2 – Back Up Materials: You should choose a topic only if you are able to find out material relevant to the topic of your research. If there is no information available on the internet; then, you won’t be able to write on a topic no matter how interesting topic you would have chosen for research. Obviously, you will not be able to write a research paper if sufficient information about the subject is not available.

Step 3 – How to Drop an Idea? You should only opt for an idea only if it has not been utilized before for research. If you find any idea that is relevant to existing ideas about the research topics; then, you should not opt for it since it may lead your research paper to fall in the category of plagiarism.

Step 4 – Making Notes: You won’t face any problem with your topic selection if you start taking notes of the topic ideas which come to your mind in light of the research work done for those topics. You should use reference material from a library and authentic resources from the internet by consulting with your supervisor for research on a regular basis.

Step 5 – Read Encyclopedias: All encyclopedia articles are not authentic; therefore, you should only refer to the authentic resources to read encyclopedia articles. You can consult with your teacher to guide you on this.

Step 6 – Keep Yourself Focused: You should neither try to use too narrow or too broad ideas for your research. A broader theme can lead a reader to get confused with your research work.

Here are some suggestive topics for research in line with a brief description which you can utilize for your research:

1. History Topics: You can research a lot on the topics of history. You would be writing research paper topic in a narrative style for the subject of history. You can find several websites to find out the topic for your research work. You can explore large number of websites on the internet or explore your school/college library to choose right topic on the subject of history.

2. Biography Topics: You can also conduct your research work by analyzing the work of a particular scholar or scientist done in past for the specific field of research. You can view files on biographies of different scientists or scholars to find out the material relevant to the field of research.

3. Science Topics: Everyday, there is a new discovery in science; therefore, there are loads of things which you can write about science. You should try to select a topic for your research subject according to the instructions of your professor. You should not just pick the topic of your desire without following the instructions of your professor.

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