It’s no wonder that nearly every teenager (in particular between 16 and 19) wants to pick up the car key and drive a distance (regardless of their maturity or driving experience and this, unfortunately, accounts for more auto accidents when compared to other age groups. These automobile deaths amongst teenagers have been a public concern and calls for more strategic interventions.

In a 2013 report by the CDC (Center for Disease Control), a shocking revelation was made in which 2,163 teenagers between the ages of 16-19 lost their lives in auto accidents and close to 250,000 received medical care after vehicle crash incidents (with a worrisome death tally of 6 per day). However, irrespective of all odds, consumers (of automobile insurance) can still play safe to reduce the cost of their insurance by preparing themselves so as not to be the next victim.

Here are some precarious behaviors that teenagers should desist from while driving;

1. Not wearing your seatbelt at all times

The car's seat belt is definitely for a purpose, but some teen drivers see it as a discomfort (which is not only silly but deadly). It’s therefore imperative for new teen drivers to show a good role examples unto others by putting on a seat belt. Ensure you wear your seat belt always irrespective of how experienced you are behind the wheels.

2. Not abiding with the Traffic Laws - notably Speed Limits

Driving at a speed-alarming limit has been a primary killer of teenagers. The speed limits are there for a reason, so you have to comply with them. Although cars are now being built to be safer with the recent advances in science and technology, driving at speed-breaking limits is a stupid act could endanger one’s life. So, the more you obey the stipulated traffic laws, the more road-worthy you become as it would reflect in your attitude. The fact that the weather conditions seem to be unfavorable isn’t an excuse to rush down to your destination. Why don’t you just slow down and endeavor to drive carefully? Moreover, some concerned parents (if they have the financial means) can also decide to install stringent performance controls that won’t permit excessive speeding and aggressive maneuvers whenever their children are behind the wheels.

3. Phone Usage

As a teenager, your times behind the wheel come with much anxiety, but one has to be careful as driving needs absolute concentration. Teens who use their smartphones while driving are likely to suffer the consequences of a dangerous driving behavior. According to a recent report from the State Farm, over 80% of the surveyed participants (teenagers) use their smartphones behind the wheel. From this survey, there was a distinct association between those who admitted that they use smartphones while driving and reported self-crashes. In comparison with those who haven't been involved in a crash, those with self-reported car crashes were three times more likely to claim surfing the web and watching videos while driving. Also and two-three times more prone to update on social media, read/send messages, play games and also engage in other multimedia activities on their mobile phones while driving. However, all these attributes could be traced to the parents as these teenagers tend to inculcate their risky behaviors from the parents. Thus, one key advice that Rodney D Young gives to teens is for them to refrain from using their cell phones (irrespective of the state laws that govern driving) for safety reasons.

4. Eating and Drinking while Driving

It is not an offense to eat or drink while you are driving, but to get at ease and eat or drink while driving like you’re at the dining table is perilous. This scary habit takes the focus of teenagers off what is happening on the road and in splits of seconds could lead to accidents. If you drive, ensure not to eat or drink.

5. Driving while Exhausted or Drunk

I could be very embarrassing to drive while tired or under the influence of alcohol. If you feel exhausted or you’re drunk, pull over immediately to take a quick nap or switch drivers. To avoid impaired driving, stay clear from drugs/alcohol while driving and make sure you drive when you have the physical strength.

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