Gap Year South Africa offers a highly creative opportunity to invest the precious time into something creative and towards a contribution to our society. Gap year projects are so designed that they mentor the volunteers into perfect member of the society we live in. The responsibility towards the penurious members of the society is phenomenal and needs the utmost attention with tenderness and warmth. Gap year Africa further advances into launching the community development projects with sole intention of well being of mankind. Poorly resourced elements of the society deprive from the basic necessities and suffer from illiteracy and ignorance. Community development program identifies the segment for interaction and actively volunteers in education improvement, safe health keeping practices, AIDS prevention and such socially affecting issues. This does make sense as meaningful contribution to society has long term positive effects.

Extreme sea water sports like scuba diving is dangerous if not done in a proper way. There is an opportunity to learn the scuba diving with professionals. This sums up with the complete guidance on perfecting the art of scuba diving along with the weekly live diving trainings. There are professional diving instructor courses which are certified by “PADI.” To the golden side of the story, the participants have an opportunity of getting involved in community service at local destinations. This in fact makes the youth aware about the impediments in the society. A service to the society is always prestigious endeavor and it always teaches to be a good citizen instead of being a number in the mass. These highly nurtured youth gain their experiences of responsibility with totally practical knowledge, which at many times has proven to be more effective than the bookish knowledge.

Gap year projects offer a nice avenue to learn, to teach the surfing on the ravishing tides of the sea. It is complete mentoring on becoming a perfect coach, the king of the wild tides. The program is conducted and mentored by the best professionals who have hands on experience of several years. Gap Year Africa has modeled a community service plan along with the surfing. The community service mentors the locals on education, health issues, computer awareness and related matters. The youth contributing to these communal services directly understand their role of responsibilities for these deprived individuals. The approach of co-investment and community development is a proven model of successful partnership of both the factors and results in excellence in performance on all variable bounds of sanity.

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