Your spiritual connection to God is the fuel and the power that reveals the essence of your soul.

Our human behavior and thus all of our choices empowers the
quality of our soul.

In a very broad sense our behavior i.e. the choices that we make reveals not only the reason for human life but also our purpose for our human journey on planet earth and the beyond.

Therefore our behavior or our conscious behavior is the sum
total of how we choose to be, what we chose to do and all that we chose to say.

Albert Einstein put it like this:

"True religion is real living; living with one's soul, with

all one's goodness and all one's honesty"

These compelling words by Einstein reveals the simple truth that often escapes our consciousness.

Surely if we want to experience a life filled with goodness then how do we achieve it?

Perhaps the answers to having a good life is so simple and so uncomplex that most of us miss it and unfortunately we miss it forever?

If we truly want to experience a life filled with goodness then surely we must be good, do good things and say good words.

What we say and especially what we say to ourselves while we are thinking about all of our choices is the fuel and the power that becomes what we are and all that we become. Your thinking or what you say to yourself also self creates the quality of your life.

Good positive words to yourself also self creates good positive choices for good behavior which self creates good positive results.

Consider this:

Do you believe that one can experience a good life if they
repeatedly think about the bad, the wrong and the negative
things that are before us?

Perhaps we can also agree that the most important things that we say are also with that person that we see staring back from our mirror?

What you say and especially what you say to yourself while

you are thinking not only self creates the quality of your

physical life but also the quality of your soul.


A wise man put it like this:
"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings have a human experience".

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Our soul and our Holy Spirit of God is gifted to each of us in order to make all of our choices in order to self create the quality of our soul.

Good or bad choices and the issues of right or wrong self
creates the essence of our soul by that magical power
that we call thinking.

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, said this:

"Your time is limited so don't waste it by living someone

else's life.

Don't be trapped by dogma which is living the result of other people's thinking.

Don't let the noise of other people's opinion drown out
your own inner voice and most importantly have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become.

Everything else is secondary".

The wisest man of all time revealed this"

"Believe in Me and ye shall have everlasting life".

Jesus Christ

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