Scientific research is zeroing in on a very complex linkage between health issues and spirituality. This suggests that, if subtle energy, spirit, or some other aspect of the human can, in fact, significantly influence a person’s heath and well-being status; then more potent and reliable care options and recovery prognosis outcomes are at hand. This linkage could dramatically alter the exclusive pharmacological “chemical contact/interactive” model of today’s medical paradigm. This could, more progressively, lead to increasingly responsible, newer, and highly integrated ways of sharing the healing of “the whole” being…. especially with the broad array of complementary and alternative medicine therapists.

The new findings are, through the efforts of the complementary and alternative medicine fields, enhancing human knowledge basics of how spiritual and religious pursuits affect the mind, brain, body, and behavior. Consequently, to responsibly and fully care for an individual, we really need to be capable of taking care of the person via all the “whole person” domains. That is what Spiritual Energy Dynamics (S.E.D.) strongly emphasizes. In other words, S.E.D. acknowledges and demonstrates that “a person” is a composite of physical, emotional, mental, social, etheric, and higher spiritual domains. The biomedical world has focused almost exclusively on the "biological models" of treating all kinds of health issues and dis-eases. This is rapidly changing. Finally, the way in which one thinks about “the entire person” is being revolutionized via such organizations as Spiritual Energy Dynamics.

What Spiritual Energy Dynamics is now introducing publicly, is a different picture of the concept of “whole person” healing. One that integrates higher spiritual connections (attunements) to both traditional and holistic approaches to healing that includes the belief that: “the compassionate mind-set [intentions] of one person, acting within appropriately charged spiritual space/conditions, can affect the physiological, psychological, and spiritual state of another person who is either present or distant from the Healer”.

The key tools used by S.E.D. (Developed by A.B.A.S.) can be divided into 2 categories:

1)The Human Spiritual Configuration Blueprint (Personal Model ©) and (Life Vibrations Spectrum ©):

The Personal Model © is essentially a “religious neutral” framework of the evolving personality self and its relationship to the soul (and beyond). The practical application of this model is activated when trained and certified practitioner overlays the subject’s energies onto this blueprint (intuitively). Once this is done, the model becomes a diagnostic tool that can be used to recognize, isolate, and quantify spiritual energy related blockages. Identifying the “root cause” and invoking advanced spiritual protocols to clear and heal adverse energy contamination and conditions is one of the ultimate goals. Once blocks are cleared, we initiate processes to expand existing connections and to open dormant ones to help the subject achieve his/her attunement potential.

The Life Vibrations Spectrum © is a more detailed view of the Personal Model © that outlines specific vibrations by planes and vibrational qualities in terms of vibrations per second. We use this to differentiate all interactive components that define our “whole” Integrated Being Model.

While not 3-dimensional in nature, these blueprints of the psychologically and spiritually oriented “Being” have served us well as a human-constitution research tool. SED protocols are applicable for practical application, continued research, and teaching others how these tools and information may be integrated to, enhance the traditional and non-traditional treatments of human conditions and expand human spiritual growth potential,

2) S.E.D. Processes and Protocols:
Spiritual Techniques that are used, in conjunction with Spiritually Evolved Being, to clear, and heal the effects of energy contamination and conditions created by karma, past life records and patterns, within the human spiritual structure. Via the attunement processes, as one develops new and expanded interfaces to beings that are resident on the higher spiritual planes, opportunities are available to transmute and heal layers of old dormant energies that have existed for eons of time and have been a part of individual energy profiles.

These protocols are individually much like the operating system in a computer. The operating system being the platform under which all other programs operate. They include subprograms for taking advantage of new processor speeds and capabilities, and typically take on very specific functions.

As with computers (where the speed of processors has historically doubled every 18 months) and applicable operating systems, the human energy model is constantly evolving, expanding, and vibrating at higher frequencies. Sometime old programs, methods, rituals, etc., are not as effective unless they too are going through comparable upgrades and expansions.

Note: There are very specific vibratory rates that have been identified for physical, emotional, and mental healing purposes, and with proper application, can be invoked to enhance existing healing activities.

As a brief example of S.E.D. / A.B.A.S. Spiritual techniques, the practitioner can take a look at an individual who has a drug addiction problem, overlay his/her energies into the Personal Model ©, and scrutinize specific key intersecting points. What is typically found is a “shut down” energy system with at best, a very low connection to the soul (from the human personality). By using this as a starting point, intuitive diagnostic processes are used to evaluate the person’s energy fields and isolate/quantify potential “root cause” blockages. Often these are disconnects and blocks are in the etheric body (chakra system), and frequently include possessive influences from lower vibrational sources and dimensions (there are hundreds of potential contamination influences and negative energy toxins). Once identified (and only when they are identified, isolated, and quantified), the appropriate protocols can be invoked to remove and heal the condition. Where the protocols themselves are not adequate to completely resolve the issue, recommended courses of actions are suggested that may involve other healing modalities. Note: Depending on the person, this is not a one time, snap of the finger approach, but a program of ongoing diagnosis and clearing, as deeper layers of dormant contamination items are exposed and cleared.

The S.E.D. / A.B.A.S. processes, including those represented in the preceding paragraphs have been successfully applied in a wide array of human circumstances that include mental and emotional dysfunction, as well as physical challenges. They have proven extremely valuable to those solely seeking expanded spiritual growth opportunities by clearing obstacles to higher vibrational attunements. Specialists from other modalities that have experienced the positive results of this work, either directly or via client referrals include: Chiropractors, Nurses, Massage Therapists, Psychologists, Clinical Counselors, Intuitive Therapists, Herbal / Homeopathic / Acupuncture Specialists, Business Executives, to name just a few.

Spiritual Energy Dynamics eagerly offers opportunities to share their research and protocols, and are always open to collaborative projects that potentially expand protocol application. Staff members are available to explain S.E.D. methods in greater detail, serve in a consulting capacity in unique (or any) situations where spiritual energy work could be of benefit. They are also available for speaking engagements, and offer workshops as well as group and individual (personalized / customized) certification programs.

For more information, please check out their website at:, or contact them via: email –, or phone: 888-242-5840.

Author's Bio: 

Robert Tumm, the founder of Spiritual Energy Dynamics, is a charter member of A.B.A.S (Association for Being Awareness and Service) and has spent the past 25 years working with this group, exploring metaphysics in search of expanded understandings and enhanced practical applications of universal spiritual energy principles. Members of A.B.A.S include: Founder, (name withheld at his request to protect privacy) a N.A.S.A. Engineer, and C.P. Massey, a Counseling Psychology Professor (both now retired). The group’s pioneering work has produced an extensive integration of scientific facts and processes with sacred esoteric wisdom and methods. The function of Spiritual Energy Dynamics is to provide a platform for introducing, applying, and teaching the protocols developed by the A.B.A.S. group. The concept and evolution of these processes have been a co-created effort of the physical team of A.B.A.S. members and a highly evolved and supportive group of Ascended Masters, Angels, and other Beings within the Divine Hierarchy.