Sri Lanka - one of the places which you have heard, but never thought to go there. Why do not you learn more about this beautiful island and turn it into a list of places that you would like to visit. Here are 8 reasons why you should go to the amazing Sri Lanka.

A wide range of recreational opportunities & got something to see in one country:

Sri Lanka - a unique country in the world where you can see and feel everything from the ancient temples and archaeological sites, parks, wildlife and tea plantations, ending up to the golden beaches and mountains, shrouded in clouds. Whether you come here with your husband or wife, with family or friends. Here, wildlife, beautiful beaches, ancient history, culture, the ideal place to relax!
Few days journey to Sri Lanka is more than enough to feel the pleasure being on the coast of the tropical Indian Ocean, enjoying the sun on the endless sandy beaches, see ancient Buddhist shrines and oldest Bodhi tree, which more than 2250 years old, to make a South African safari by jeep to the national reserve , enjoy a temperate climate of the central part of the island & enjoy the waterfalls and feel the cool highlands, where the mist tightened plantations growing the best-known Ceylon tea in the world.

Visit the pristine beaches in Sri Lanka and much more:

Sri Lanka has many beaches with golden sand, not far from the jungle on one side surrounded by coconut palms on the other - transparent blue-blue water It is ideal not only for sunbathing but also for surfing. Sri Lanka is one of the leading Indian Ocean surfing spots.

Bentota, Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna and Tangalle - are among the most famous tourist beach resorts in Sri Lanka. However, there are lesser-known beaches, which are much more beautiful places.

Despite the fact that you've ever been to Sri Lanka, you will be able to rediscover themselves in the north and east of Sri Lanka, to get acquainted with the marvelous beauty of this unspoiled land.

These beaches existed for a long time hiding from the crowd. After ending 30 years of terrorism in Sri Lanka it has opened doors for tourists to explore the magnificent hidden beauty of these beaches. Northern peninsula of Jaffna can attract tourists not only for its beaches, but also a kind of cuisine, customs, and quite different from other parts of the island way of life.

Cultural and spiritual place:

Many people mistakenly think that Sri Lanka inhabited by one people with one culture. Although in reality it is - the poly-ethnic, poly-poly-linguistic and religious country. Sri Lanka shows the old aged spiritual culture of the religious practices of Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and Muslims.

The impact of these different cultures is clearly observed not only in architecture, art, traditions, local cuisine, but also representatives of the peoples of Sri Lanka. At the same time in Sri Lanka there are different languages. Sinhalese - the native language of the overwhelming majority of the population of Sri Lanka, English & Tamil as well.

Meet the smiling faces and feel the Sri Lankan hospitality, which is legendary:

Sri Lankan hospitality is famous all around the world. People are willing to help those who are not familiar with local customs. Sri Lankans are very hospitable and happy to invite people to their homes. At first it will seem strange that everyone around you smile. However, after your return from a trip to the island smile coming from the heart will warm you on cold days.

A great way to learn its closer landscape and local people of Sri Lanka is to visit distant villages of the island.
This is not only good for your health, but also interesting to meet people of this wonderful island, to learn their way of life, their hobbies.

In Sri Lanka, you can relax in all year round:

Sri Lanka attracts tourists all year round. Imagine the tropics with an average temperature 27, 29 Celsius! And the water is warm as fresh milk! And even warm rain! And when the monsoon rains come, even in most parts of the country the sun shines. Southwest monsoons bring rain to the western and southern areas of the island are usually from May to July. Tourists coming just at this time can relax in the sun and clear skies to the north and east. North-east monsoon brings rain to the north and east, generally from December to January. At this time tourists spend their holidays on the sunny south and west. In other months, the whole of Sri Lanka - a tropical paradise!

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