March 17th is the St. Patrick’s Day, one of the most comical and entertaining festivals observed in many parts of the world. Ironically, the day was begun to be observed a religious feast in remembrance of the death of St Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland, on March 17th. Later it has evolved into a variety of celebration involving, parades, festivals, music and dance shows, a widespread of Irish delicacies and more.
For the celebration of this day, people wear emerald shaded costumes. There are several reasons for this and the top two reasons are that the color is considered sacred and traditional to the Irish culture. The other reason is leprechauns. Leprechauns are tiny mischievous fairies in Irish tales. It is believed that leprechauns pinch those who are not wearing the color hence people play games by pinching others who aren’t wearing green just to remind them that leprechauns would not approve their apparel!
To refrain from the pinches and also to look sophisticated on St Patrick’s day, here are some clothing tips for you,
For the women’s clothing, rather than completely covering up in green apparels, go for single apparel in the same color. Pair a olive top or blouse with black leather skirt or pants. You can wear a black or white spaghetti dress with green shrug or sweater. For all the athletes out there, pair a nice work wear outfit with bright shamrock shoes or bright shamrock track pants. If you would like to keep it all dressy, wear a cute little mint dress with your favorite pumps. If you love wearing jewels, add on a emerald stud or a large emerald pendant. If you do not want to break norms and go with a traditional way of complete cover up in green, wear a long gown in lime with Seafoam jewels and lime stilettos and carry a matching clutch.
Talking about men’s clothing, the outfit can either look neat or hippie. For a neat outfit, opt for a army shirt, t-shirt or sweatshirt with light blue jeans or beige trousers. You can wear a pear t-shirt and match it with gray cardigan and jeans. For accessories, try out a shamrock embroidered hat or scarf. If you would like to go on a full swing with the festival, go ahead and wear a leprechaun costume with a hat and beard, or get a green tattoo sleeve.
On the festival with such a vast evolution, have a great amusement and by wearing green feel positive with fresh energy!

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