Drinking too much alcohol is harmful to your health and your life. The effects of alcoholic drinks to your health can affect your relationship with your family and your performance at work. If you want to stop drinking alcoholic drinks, but you don't know how to do it, then this short guide may be able to help you. Here are some of the steps to stop drinking alcohol that can help you cure your addiction and improve your health.

You must learn to recognize the signs of alcohol addiction so that you will know that you are already addicted and you should do something about it. One of the most common signs of addiction is the continued consumption of alcoholic beverages despite negative consequences. For example, if you avoid important obligations such as school or work in order to drink alcohol, then you are already addicted to it. Other signs of addiction are bad temper, bouts of moodiness, cravings, depression, poor focus, anger, frustration, resentment and bitterness.

The first step is to recognize that you have a drinking problem and that you must do something about it. Most people fail to cure their addiction because they don't want to admit that they have a problem. Think about the problems that alcohol has caused and decide that you must quit drinking in order to get rid of those problems. You will only be able to get rid of your addiction if you believe that you have a problem and that you are doing this for your own good.

The next step is to ask your family and friends to support and help you cure your addiction. Tell your friends that you want to quit drinking so that they won't invite you to go out drinking and tempt you. Ask your family to stop you when they see you drinking an alcoholic drink and tell them to avoid bringing alcoholic drinks into the house.

To cure your addiction, consider joining an alcohol addiction support group that will allow you to meet other people who are also trying to stop drinking alcohol. A support group can give you some advice and teach you techniques that can help cure alcoholism. Surrounding yourself with people who are in the same situation as you will make it easier for you to stop drinking alcohol.

In order to cure your addiction to alcoholic drinks, you must avoid alcohol completely. Remove all of the alcoholic drinks in your fridge so that you won't be tempted to drink. Clean up your house and remove empty alcohol bottles, beer coasters, and other objects that remind you about alcohol.

You should try to avoid people who drink alcoholic beverages. Also avoid places that serve alcoholic drinks such as bars and nightclubs. When dining at a restaurant, do not even look at the alcoholic drinks section of the menu. If you are craving for alcohol, drink water or healthy drinks such as fruit juice.

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