What Is Aging?

Aging can be defined in two ways. The first way is the chronological age which is the number you are, such as 39 and holding. We can do nothing about this. Time stops for no one. The second kind of aging is cellular aging and we can dramatically slow this process. Aging is more than simply getting wrinkles and gray hair. It includes higher risk for heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer's.

We are in luck because scientist have discovered a phenomenal combination of a super grape called vitus rotundifolia and ultra pure resveratrol has an incredible impact on slow the cellular aging process. This combination has been proven to slow this dreaded process so much that it can actually lead to 25 healthier years of life. You may be wondering, "But how?" The four major aging problems are as follows:

1. DNA damage
2. Genetic Regulators
3. Declining Cellular Energy Production and
4. Accumulation of AGE protein formation.

From a scientist view, understanding these concepts in depth is crucial. However, to a regular person what is most important is what does this phenomenal combination do for your health. TONS. But to summarize in 1 sentence what this combination can do for us, "It Reduces Age Related Illness; therefore, allowing us to live a longer healthier life."

So what happens to us as the years pass? Do we have to slow down or have decreased function as we age? Of course not, there is a solution. We can beat these free radicals.

Hidden from sight, our cells battle challenges such as their environment, bacteria, viruses, too much or too little oxygen, and physiological stressors. Molecular systems protect cells under assault, but those systems can break down, especially with age. Good news is that there is a solution for this also, superior supplements for the body and for the skin that are proven with the science to support the results we all crave. Research has shown that if a high quality resveratrol is carefully combined with vitus rotundifolia that cells can be repaired internally causing the onset of age related illnesses to happen more slowly or not at all; therefore, allowing people to live more fulfilling lives.

This research is very promising especially when it comes to our countries major age related illnesses like cancer and Alzheimer's. It is not a miracle: it is merely a safe way to build a person's body up stronger than in the past. By repairing cells and making them stronger, it only stands to reason that the body as a whole will be stronger too.

Author's Bio: 

Barb Lulay, author, is a Health Education Specialist. Her focus is based on creating a unique plan for each individual to achieve his/her ultimate health based on his/her specific situation. She thinks outside the box to work within any budget and create a plan most suited to improve your health. Her team has over 75 years of experience in the Health and Wellness field. Your health is her top priority. Learn more at http://www.ExtremeHealthMakeovers.com