Stretch marks are found more commonly in women than in men. Although pregnancy is not the sole reason for these marks in women, most of the advice columns on eliminating stretch marks, focus on women who developed them after childbirth. There could be many reasons for the appearance of stretch marks. It is important to be aware of what the causes can be, so that right solution for erasing them can be suggested.

Stretch marks are caused by thinning and tearing of an inner layer of the skin known as dermis. Tearing of the skin results in visible blood vessels. This is the reason for the pink and purple color of the stretch marks. When the skin heals, the color of the stretch marks changes to white. It is easier to reduce them when they are in the initial stage. Thereafter, a permanent change in the dermis occurs and this makes them stubborn and difficult to erase.


Stretch marks are not harmful, but they are definitely ugly and, at times, embarrassing. Reasons why men develop stretch marks can be any of the following:

● Fast Growth Phases During Teen Age

During puberty, young boys suddenly gain height. Such a rapid change, sometimes, causes the skin to tear. In young age, this is the primary reason for developing stretch marks. Obesity can also lead to stretch marks but it is rare at such a young age.

Stretching of Skin While Lifting Weights

Stretch marks are also common in men who are aggressively into weight lifting. Due to excessive muscle build up, the skin stretches and tears when it is stretched beyond its capacity.

● Rapid Weight Gain

Rapid weight gain for any other reason is another culprit. Obesity is a common problem in adults as well as kids, these days. Keep the fat away to prevent the other problems associated with obesity.

● Hormonal imbalance

Men suffering from hormonal imbalances are also prone to developing stretch marks. Imbalance in cortisol levels can also be the cause apart from the ones mentioned above. Consult a doctor for how you can balance the cortisol levels. In this case, eliminating stretch marks completely is possible.

● Overuse of Steroids

Overuse of steroids is also known to cause occurrence of stretch marks in men. A few other diseases that can cause them are certain skin infections, Cushing’s syndrome and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.


Stretch mark solutions for men are suggested according to the reason that has caused them. It is important that you consult a doctor before opting for any other treatment. Laser surgeries, tretinoin creams and some over-the-counter creams are a few of the solutions for stretch marks in men.

In case, a disease or a hormonal imbalance is diagnosed as the cause, medication will be helpful. Men, who have developed them because of other reasons, can look at cosmetic products available for reducing stretch marks. Celtrixa stretch mark lotion is clinically proven to be effective in noticeably reducing the appearance of stretch marks in just 15 days. Besides being brilliant at eliminating stretch marks, it keeps the skin moisturized and glowing.

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