Astrology is a fascinating subject to study because you are literally learning about yourself and your life. An interest in your Birth Chart gives you a powerful tool for further development. It can inspire you to read relevant books and attend workshops. All Information is referred back to your own chart where it begins to make sense. Your Birth Chart brings theory down to Earth in a practical sense as you begin to see how the planets operate in your life.

Birth Chart Astrology can be Self- Indulgent

We Astrologers can be a self-absorbed bunch as we search for meaning into ourselves and our lives. Work must be done on our selves before we can be of value to others. To make a contribution to society our priority must be our own self-awareness. Otherwise we project our needs, wants, frustrations and anger onto the world.

Learning about Yourself through your Birth Chart

Although there is a touch of egotism in us all,this is natural and necessary as we all need to know ourselves better. If not,we receive our cues from others. Constantly dancing to another’s tunes can obscure our true self. Your Chart gives a sense of objectivity that helps in facing facts about yourself. It literally helps to brings things into consciousness and often shows the cause to the effects of your life.

Introduction to my Ebook

I truly believe that knowing your Birth Chart can be great asset to your life. I also wish to make a living from something that I enjoy and inspires me. Being of service with something I feel will be of great value to others, combined with my enthusiasm and love of my subject, I have written an ebook that will be out shortly.

This is written for beginners or those who have dabbled a little into the topic. It gives the building blocks to astrology, which will give you a good foundation on the subject. The emphasis is focused on understanding your own Birth Chart as you are learning astrology.
I have written this ebook as a way of applying the information to your own chart. This will set you on your journey of self-discovery. To further assist you, I will be starting online classes, when I will elaborate more on different aspects of the subject. I will then help you to apply this more personally to your chart. My intention is for it to be informative and fun. If I can get you hooked into astrology, or more so into your journey towards self-awareness, I will have served my purpose in introducing you to something of great value, which will give me a feeling of great satisfaction!!!

I am still in the process of completion and will post you more details in due course. Please let me know if you are interested in my project, I would truly love to hear from you.

Author's Bio: 

Astrologer Lucinda Tinsley as been studying Astrology for over 20 years She helps those who seek deeper insights into life and themselves. Using the psychological approach in understanding your personal Birth Chart she leads you towards your authentic self, to understanding your challenges and discovering your innate potentials. Her web site, http:// has many articles written to help those who want to understand astrology through their own Birth Chart