Are you suffering from vitiligo? Does your skin condition prevent you from going out? Do you always have to cover up because of the white patches in your skin? With sunless spray tanning you don’t have to hide away anymore. Sunless spray tanning can help camouflage the white patches on the skin caused by the destruction of melanocytes. These are the cells responsible for pigmentation of the skin. Here in this article we will look at how sunless spray tanning can help cover up this emotionally as well as socially draining condition.

DHA and Vitiligo

Sunless spray tanning products contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as the active ingredient. The DHA stains the skin temporarily with a brownish color by reacting with the amino acids present in the surface skin cells. DHA only stains the stratum corneum, the outermost cells in the epidermis. The effects of the sunless spray tan last for about seven to 10 days. Spray tanning solutions containing lower concentrations of DHA produce a lighter tan, while those with a higher concentration produce a darker tan. This makes it quite beneficial for vitiligo patients as they can pick the right concentration that matches the color they need to successfully camouflage the white patches.

Sunless Tans for Vitiligo Treatment

Sunless spray tanning salons are a good option when it comes to tanning for vitiligo. The basic procedure for of sunless spray tan for covering up vitiligo will involve spray tanning the white patches first followed by a second overall coat. First a technician will use a hand help device to spray the tanning solution onto the patches to fill in the white areas. For the next step, the patient has to step into the spray tanning booth to get an overall coat of the sunless spray tanning solution. The last step in the spray tanning booth helps to achieve an all over even tan.

However, remember not to go for a sunless spray tan for camouflaging the vitiligo, before any special occasion. It will take some time to get the desired results, so it is better you try it out earlier. Once however, when you find the right color, the results will simply be amazing. The entire process is carried out with minimum discomfort, leaving behind a perfectly even skin tone to provide people suffering from vitiligo, much needed confidence. With repeated sunless spray tanning sessions, the life of the sunless tan can also be elongated.

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