The gift of supernatural restoration is designed to restore all the things that we have lost through the operation of the kingdom of darkness upon our lives. Therefore, in God, nothing is actually lost. God desires His people to live a fulfilling and prosperous life.
The prophet Job, one of the most powerful and richest men in the bible, lost all that he had, including land, cattle, children and monetary fortune. Yet he did not give up hope. He trusted in God with all his strength and soul. Finally, after much suffering and pain, God restored Job’s fortune, giving him twice the riches that he once possessed. This is the promise for every believer who has faith in the goodness and abundance of God.
God Can Restore All Things
There is nothing that God cannot restore in our lives, including our relationships, marriages, possessions, finances, health, youth, peace, joy and dignity. The kingdom of darkness hates the smooth operations of these realities within the believer’s life. Satan doesn’t want the people of God to experience pleasure and prosperity. Our happiness reminds him of his defeat and impending doom. Nevertheless, the omnipotent God is living on the inside of His people.
God’s Purpose in Restoration
God wants to supernaturally restore our losses for three reasons: to display his glory, to fulfill his promises, to provide the best for His people and to reveal His love to all mankind. When God displays his glory, such healing the sick, delivering the captive and raising the dead, the world knows that God is the ultimate creator and with Him all things are possible. Moses who destroyed an entire army and Elijah who blinded an entire army both displayed God’s glory in a most magnificent way ,turning the world upside down.
God must also fulfill His promises. One of the most vital things a believer must understand is that God can not lie. This is impossibility. God has promised a full restoration of the earth and the people who populate it. From the beginning, God created mankind to live in a perfect environment where sickness, disease, and death no longer exist. It is beyond man’s imagination. But it is true.
Showing His divine love to mankind is what God always intended from the beginning of creation. Even after man fell from glory through disobedience, God designed a way for man’s restoration back to divinity. God could have destroyed mankind all together, but His grace and mercy prevailed. Therefore, God wants to the best for mankind, especially those that have given their whole heart, mind and soul to him. Whatever things a believer has lost, God desires that it be found. And it will.
Prerequisites for Restoration
Faith, prayer, meditation and patience are the prerequisites for supernatural restoration. These divine rituals will lift our consciousness into a heavenly realm of supernatural power, untouchable by the forces of darkness. In this realm, we have access to God’s grace and favor. Supernatural restoration is automatic when our consciousness is within this dimension. This is the place where God’s goodness and glory replaces all that has gone wrong in our lives.
God’s Method of Restoration
Supernatural restoration can come to us through people, circumstances, enlightenments on a problems or conditions, divine financial ideas, and innumerable miraculous events that will change our world from disgrace to joy and honor. In the process of divine restoration, God gives us a new mind and new heart. We see things much differently than we saw them before. All our misconceptions about a person, place or thing become clear. We repent. We forgive. We move forward. The bottom line is that, if we trust him, God will make all things new in our lives and affairs.

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