Sustainable development may be an over-used term but it can prove extremely beneficial in solving global issues such as degradation of the environment, poverty, inequality and hunger. According to experts, the entire world is facing social, environmental and economic challenges in the 21st century. The present need is to acquire a development approach that is not only sustainable but also viable from the social, environmental and economic point of view.

It is not difficult to follow a development approach that is sustainable and causes less damage to the planet, however there are several challenges attached to it. A synergy between long term changes in lifestyles and business activities is required to integrate sustainability in the process of development. This concept holds different meanings for different people, which is why its impact has not been very impressive so far. Billions of people across the world continue to live without any access to sanitation or clean drinking water. Workers in under developed nations live on the mere income of 2 dollars per day. The gravity of such issues is increasing and the world is witnessing a significant difference in the consumption of resources. Due to inequality in the use of resources, environment is getting affected at an alarming rate.

Sadly, sustainable development is still striving hard to find its place in international agendas. The problem lies in the fact that sustainable development is considered an expensive concept to implement in developed as well as under developed countries. The availability of adequate human capacity, ideas and physical infrastructure is very poor in developing nations. These factors also pose as a hindrance in the implementation of sustainability in the development process. There is no doubt that the rise in poverty is often linked to poor sustainable development. However, this can differ on the basis of how poverty is defined. More than the justice to social, economic and environmental causes, sustainable development is also related to the survival of cultures and individuals. If global issues are associated with this concept, countries can ensure better economic growth, environmental sustainability and access of fundamental rights to all.

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Kevin Long is the founder of Global Deaf Connection and the co-founder of Justmeans, a social utility site that helps companies to attract and ignite advocates of better business and good work related to sustainable business. Kevin has done significant business development work for both for-profit and non-profit organizations.