This article is for those of you who are interested in increasing your daily awareness of the symbolism in your 3D life and how it relates to what you are creating beneath the level of your conscious awareness. This SYMBOLISM is the direct result of the process of ASSOCIATION that you make within yourself by the belief patterns and experiences of your life. It is how you, as an individual, interpret what you have been taught or what you have experienced – the emotional and mental impact, the ‘conclusions’ you come to. In the creative field of association beneath the surface of your conscious awareness, your interpretation of reality combines with the life force energy moving in and through us at all times, and congeals into a ‘manifestation,’ ‘occurrence,’ ‘situation,’ ‘relationship,’ etc. There is no judgment in this process – it is just the FACT of how creation works.

You could say it is much like the process of dreaming. We can understand that when we dream, our consciousness is ‘acting out’ its different perceptions and associations of the day, week, or events. Much the same is true in the experiences of our 3D world. As the final ‘stage’ of our consciousness, the 3D landscape is a dreamscape – it is the culmination point of our perceptions, learning, opinions, and most importantly, our CHOICES. In each moment we are given the opportunity to SEE not only the CONTENT and CONDITION of our consciousness, but what the CHOICES are based upon the SYMBOLISM contained.

The LANGUAGE OF SYMBOLISM can be both literal and symbolic. Names, places, events, all tell a story about where we are on all 4 levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual - and are also reflections of what we BELIEVE to be true. In actuality, CONSCIOUSNESS IS FREE. This means it is the one thing that remains TRUE through every event, relationship, and circumstance. The ‘us’ that is the PERCEIVER, as well as the ‘us’ that is a spiritual being, is running the show. It is the ‘us’ that sees, experiences, associates, and decides. Consciousness then ‘reflects’ this as a story being acted out on the 3D screen of our lives. As it is being ‘displayed externally,’ we can modify or change the scene by being aware of the ‘content’ of the reflection – what is it saying or symbolizing as the REFLECTOR of our consciousness. This becomes quite an exciting and fun exercise once you get the hang of it!

The quality of the 3D story is ALWAYS a symbolic out-picturing of our individual and collective consciousness. Learning to examine what your ‘out-picture’ or manifestation is showing you is the art of conscious dreaming and the journey of freedom. It has been my experience that this practice leads you to conscious, active participation and CHOICE in your everyday world. It gives you the ability to say “YES, I accept this version of my reality” or “NO, I do not accept this. I choose instead…” This must be done with firm and DELIBERATE decision.

The effectiveness of this process is determined by your certainty of KNOWING that in each moment, because you said so, the Law of Creation says “Yes, ok, whatever you say”. This Law does NOT decide for you if your choice /decision is healthy or unhealthy, productive or counterproductive – it just says, “YES.” There is enormous freedom in this fact, if you can embrace it. It means that at all times YOU are in charge of your external hologram, your individual dreamscape. At all times, YOU are the decider of how you will interpret or see events and experiences, YOU determine whether it’s heaven or hell for you or something in between, YOU BUILD YOUR OWN PROGRESS AND EVOLUTION by the decisions you make INTERNALLY.

The fun part of this process (it’s ALL fun, actually!) is looking at the symbolism that’s showing up in your own life. Taking a look at this also tells you WHAT THE CHOICES ARE in your NOW moment. This needs to be said – if you are looking at your 3D landscape and not liking what you are seeing or creating, IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO MAKE IT DIFFERENT – YOU ARE STILL AND ALWAYS IN YOUR MOMENT OF POWER – as that is the only place you CAN be – your power is operating all the time whether you are a conscious creator or an un-conscious one. This is the LAW of Creation – it says “YES” to whatever we think, believe, perceive, and makes more of it.

When you CHANGE YOUR MIND or decide anew, it will say “YES” to that too!


This is an area where people have the biggest issue. They want to know ‘why’ their manifestations take ‘time’. Actually, some take only a minute to change; others take days, some weeks, months, years. Why is that? My personal experience tells me it is ‘belief and action dependent.’ What I mean by this is that the clearer, more deliberate, more certain someone is that ‘because they said so it WILL BE!’, the more quickly things seem to manifest. We dilute our creations by being unaware of programmed beliefs that say HOW something can be done – such as ‘it takes time’, ‘I have to do it this way,’ I have to earn this,’ ‘I need a degree,’ ‘there’s too much competition,’ ‘it’s too hard,’ ‘it takes effort,’ ‘no pain , no gain,’ ‘I didn’t do anything to deserve this,’ ‘other’s will think I’m crazy,’ etc. I could go on forever with the ego’s litany of ‘why it can’t be done.’

We all have these programs – it is in the mass consciousness of the entire world. It is important and NECESSARY to explore what your own programs are – or what fears you may have of change - if you do so you can learn to laugh at them and decide to believe otherwise. This process works with WORD associations also. You can change the DEFINITION of any word that has a limiting or negative association for you. Just REDEFINE it to mean something fun, joyful, and productive! Trigger words can be: responsibility, work, relationships, marriage, commitment, money, exercise, love, diet, career, authority, government, laws, rules, school, education, learning, religion, parents, sex, jobs, to name a few.

You may have your own set of words that you associate limitations with. Whatever they may be, sit down and write your perceived definitions of them, and then redefine them to be something productive, joyful, free and positive. Just doing the above exercise will begin a transformation process within your reality. Keep a journal for these purposes.

As you get proficient with this, the TIME element between when you decide differently and it’s APPEARANCE in your 3D reality begins to collapse. What can you embody and accept? What can you actually integrate into your life? How far can you go? Where do your limiting concepts stop you in your tracks or thwart your ability to IMAGINE? When you DO create a different reality, how well can you go with it and change? What changes will it cause in your life that you need to be willing to adjust to? How flexible are you? And remember also that there is no ULTIMATE end.

What I mean is after each manifesting accomplishment, there will come a time when it will no longer satisfy, and your spirit will want to grow further and farther, and expand. This is normal as your spirit will transition from ‘things’ to ‘qualities’ and want to reach higher and more expanded states of being and you will find yourself having this be the focus of your desires. You will find yourself walking right into the heart of Divine Love and Gratitude.

Be especially conscious in your creations that you respect the free will of others – IT IS NOT OK to project your will on specific people or specific situations without another’s consent!!! Remember – LIKE ATTRACTS TO ITSELF THAT WHICH IT IS – that is all you need to know!

Now back to SYMBOLISM – the art of conscious dreaming…

Here are a few examples of making the connection between your outer and inner life:

A couple I know recently bought an older house as an investment. It needed some fixing up before they could resell it. One of the problems was that the floor had settled from age, (how do we ‘settle’ as we age?) and was UNEVEN (unbalanced) in places. The floor was stable, just uneven. Anyway – as the husband was jacking up the SUPPORTING BEAM under the house, the CINDER blocks suddenly disintegrated. (No one should make a foundation on ‘cinder,’ wouldn’t you agree?) Being a conscious creator, the husband knew that symbolically he was being shown that the FOUNDATION needed something much stronger than it had been built on in the past (as in the ‘foundation’ for his life, his wife’s life, their future, etc). Both DECIDED to consciously be responsible for creating a stronger foundation in every way that was needed.

As the week progressed they were out looking for other real estate one day and saw a lumber yard. They decided to stop by to see what there was that could be used as a STRONGER SUPPORT for under the house. The husband would have been content with a thick piece of pine, but the workman said, “No, I have just the thing." He proceeded to bring out 2 thick pieces of OAK. "And it is NO CHARGE!”

The couple laughed at the symbolism of this because they knew they were “Twin Flames" who have twin oak trees as the symbol for their relationship!


Another investor couple I know had the opportunity to buy an old HISTORIC house that needed a lot of work. There was no kitchen or heating system. The husband was seeing that if the house were BROUGHT BACK TO ITS ORIGINAL GLORY, it would be worth a lot of money and he would enjoy RESTORING it. (In this case, the house symbolized the husband wanting to recover something from his past that he had lost ). The problem here was that the down payment on this house would have taken all the couples resources, leaving them with no money for living or repairs. It seemed that the COST for going back and fixing the past would be very high.

How necessary is this? The situation was showing the unhealed part of the man, and his desire to recover a former life. What are the CHOICES in this situation? After seeing the symbolic implications of this house, they decided to let the house go in favor of something more modern and less costly. They realized the futility of hanging onto the past, and made a commitment to the NOW and to a NEW future. It is as easy as this. In the Universe, either choice would have been ok to make – but one was obviously more struggle oriented. It was just as easy to say, “NO, I want my NOW and my FUTURE to be easier and newer.” They soon found another house that served them in their new purpose.

Take a look around you now and examine what you are seeing in your reality. What is the CONTENT of your daily life? Has the same thing been going on for a while now? What is the pattern or association you are seeing manifest? You can do this practice with your sleeping dreams as well – all are symbols from the unconscious playing themselves out in a drama. What would you like to change or be different? Where or what are your limiting perceptions that tell you that ‘you can’t’? Consider your waking reality as the dreamscape that it is and have fun exploring the movie and what it MEANS to you.

Put yourself in conscious choosing, and away you go!

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